Article Rich Productivity Marketing For Engagement – How Slideshows Can Increase User Engagement

Marketing For Engagement – How Slideshows Can Increase User Engagement

According to a report published by the team at Statistica, more than half of the planet is on the internet in some capacity. What this means is abundantly clear, the internet is here to stay and it is an essential tool for entrepreneurs everywhere. Engaging with clients and converting those engagements into a sale can be dramatically different experiences. With the right website and the right information, entrepreneurs can improve their chances of success.

Today, we want to take some time to highlight the importance of a tool from yesteryear, the slideshow.

Slideshow 101: How Old-School Marketing Can Create Engagement

Do you remember the first time that you worked on a slideshow? The odds are pretty good that you’ve worked with something akin to PowerPoint in your life. While the tool is largely relegated to offices and lively financial debates, slideshows can also be utilized as an effective marketing tool. Take a look at this PowerShow slideshow as an example of what we mean. Key information concisely curated can be essential to get your message across appropriately.

Here are a few different ways that your slideshow can create actionable benefits for your brand.

1) Boost User Engagement

The human eye is drawn to motion and for that reason alone, slideshows can do a great job at providing information. Embedding a slideshow on an important page of your website can boost user engagement by getting potential clients to actually read and interface with your information.

Note: Embed key information on the first page of your slideshow to maximize user engagement.

2) Use Visuals to Showcase Products or Services

No matter what we are selling to our clients, a slideshow can help us accomplish our goals. Slideshows give us the chance to integrate visuals and text into a convenient package that draws the human eye. Showcase products and key features on your slides to boost user awareness and, hopefully, product engagement.

Note: Consider hiring a professional to draw up marketing images for placement in your slideshow.

3) Study Your Slideshow Analytics

Analytics are the lifeblood of marketing on the internet. With an automated slideshow, users can track how many impressions each page of their slideshow is receiving. Look at Page Impression data to analyze what pages of the slideshow are working and which pages need to be tossed.

Note: Make sure to compile a large pool of data before making any rash decisions on the formatting of your slideshow.

4) Clear Call to Action

Finally, slideshows work as integral pieces of SEO marketing. Look up image SEO for further information, but be sure to apply that info throughout your slideshow. Additionally, indicate a clear Call to Action early on in the slideshow to encourage your potential clients to take action.

Note: Giving your clients more space to engage is an easy way to accrue more traffic. A prominently placed call to action can lead to sales and user engagement!

It only took the internet four years to reach 50 million users and now we are into the billions. In today’s visually driven world, don’t let any perk pass your business by!