Article Rich General Award Winners: The Many Accolades of “The Engine Woman’s Light”

Award Winners: The Many Accolades of “The Engine Woman’s Light”

It’s hard to say what makes an award-winning book, but you know it when you read one. There’s something just indescribable in those pages that makes you think, feel, dream and empathize with the characters. “The Engine Woman’s Light” by author Laurel Anne Hill is one of these books. Her novel is an astonishing triumph winning 12 awards to date and a multitude of glowing book reviews. Today, let’s focus on what makes “The Engine Woman’s Light” such a special read, why it’s garnered so much attention and who in particular has given this book the accolades it clearly deserves.

What Makes The Engine Woman’s Light A Great Read?

“The Engine Woman’s Light” is a steam-punk coming of age story set in the backdrop of an 1894 alternate world. Emotions run high in this action-packed romp as 15 year-old Juanita is charged with stopping a sinister plot perpetrated by the Director of a California Asylum. The story is both marvelous and terrifying as we follow Laurel’s protagonist on her journey to save the victims from a horrible fate.  Juanita is a very well developed and insightful character filled with conflict and complexity.  As a reader you can’t help but root for her and empathize as she struggles through love, loss and the inhumanity of what she finds.  Juanita’s adventure is fast paced and full of suspense with ingenious twists and turns to keep you captivated. 

Why Do Books Win Awards?

There are many thoughts about why a book will win awards.  Some experts believe it’s a matter of the flow of the language while others say its character and story.  Still other experts lean on imagery and theme as the conduit to winning a coveted prize.  It’s an elusive standard, but the good news is that when you find a book that’s won the consensus of multiple awards you can be assured that regardless of the parameters that were used, you are about to read something very special.  My favorite review of a book said simply, “This book was so compelling, that I believe it will last the test of time and be a novel that you will want to read again and again.” What about “The Engine Woman’s Light?” Well my other favorite review is one I heard of Laurel’s award–winner that was equally simple yet powerful. “The narrative leaves the reader feeling as though they were in a dream world, having an adventure with powerful characters.” So why do books win awards? I guess the best answer is because the great ones can take the reader into another world where he or she can forget everyday life for a while and be engaged and excited to go on the journey with the protagonist.    

What Awards Did “The Engine Woman’s Light” Win?

Here is a list of accolades bestowed on “The Engine Woman’s Light” by Laurel Anne Hill.

  • 2017 Independent Press Award
    Steampunk Category: Gold Award
  • Kirkus Star
  • Kirkus Best Indie Books 2017
  • Kirkus Best Indie Teen Books 2017
  • Chanticleer Reviews, 2017 Ozma (Fantasy) First in Category
  • Chanticleer Reviews, 2017 Dante Rossetti (Young Adult) Semi-Finalist
  • 12th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA), Steampunk: Winner
  • 2018 San Francisco Book Festival, Science Fiction: Winner
    Young Adult: Runner-Up, Wild Card: Runner-Up
  • 2018 Irwin Award, Speculative Fiction (Book Publicists of Southern California)
  • 2018 Best Book Awards, American BookFest, Winner in Fantasy Category

If you’re interested in learning more about author Laurel Anne Hill or to purchase “The Engine Woman’s Light,” visit her website