Article Rich Health Your Guide to Knowing Raw Cone Size Differences

Your Guide to Knowing Raw Cone Size Differences

While all of Raw’s pre-rolled cones are made of the same quality and give the same smoking experience, they are not all the same size. Each cone holds a different amount and can serve a different purpose, whether you are sharing or just looking for something small and fast in between tasks. 

This is your guide to knowing Raw cone size differences so that you can order exactly what you are looking for. 

Classic Single Size a.k.a. Dogwalker

If life is keeping you busy, you may need to keep moving. Raw’s smallest pre-rolled cone is a classic single size, also often referred to as the dogwalker – and it measures about 70mm and holds .5 grams of tobacco or herb. Consider this to be a great choice if you are just kicking back by yourself and having a quick smoke sesh or if you have chosen a very potent smokeable. 

Raw Classic 1 ¼ Cones

Of all the pre-filled cones on the market, the classic 1 ¼ cones are the fundamental classic – a standard in the industry. They are the bestseller – and just happen to be the perfect cone selection for those who call themselves newbies. 

Most choose the classic 1 ¼ cones to smoke alone or with one other person. Let’s just say that these aren’t the type you’d share at a party unless you bring multiple – or you aren’t really planning on smoking. 

Raw’s classic 1 ¼ cones measure 83mm in length and hold about .75 grams of the smokeable of your choice. 

Raw 98 Special Cones

Quite the opposite of the classic cones, Raw’s 98 special cones are a bit more of a rare find. They get their name from their size, measuring 98mm long – though they are much leaner than the others. And they hold about 1 gram of herb or tobacco. 

These are perfect for sharing with another person. Or, just take your time with it. The choice is yours. 

Raw Lean Cones

Raw lean cones measure 110mm and hold about 1 gram of herb or tobacco. They are quite similar to the Slim cigarettes of the past. They are slimmer and allow for less smokeable product that results in a smoother and less harsh burn if you aren’t trying to get that full hit from each puff. Why lean cones? Well, they tend to burn the herb a little differently and provide the smoker with a much different taste. They are a bit unique and may be hard to find. But, for those who know where to buy them, they stock up because if you know, you know. 

Raw lean cones are a fan favorite, no doubt. 

Raw King Size Cones

Looking to share? Or just be greedy and keep it all for yourself? You can – you are entitled. With Raw king-size cones, measuring 110mm and holding a whopping 1.25 grams of green, you are sure to have enjoyable smoke sessions. 

Raw Peacemaker Cones

If you want to keep the party going, then Raw’s classic peacemaker cones are perfect. They are 140mm in length and hold about 2.25 grams of your choice of smokeable. This is definitely the pre-rolled cone that you will be puffing and passing over and over again. 

Go on, be the life of the party. 

Purchase your Raw pre-rolled cones from Green Blazer. With all of these and more, you are sure to find just the right cone for your smoking habits. Questions? Contact us today at (702) 509-6042.