Article Rich General What To Do After Being Bailed Out: Handling Your Arrest Intelligently

What To Do After Being Bailed Out: Handling Your Arrest Intelligently

An arrest truly begins after being bailed out as you finally have control again. You could wait hours or even days to be offered bail depending on your charges. You might not even be offered bail if arrested while out on bail for another charge. You want to adhere to all of the terms of your release which can include a restriction on alcohol or a promise not to return somewhere. You do not want to ignore court appearances as this can lead to your bail being revoked as well. The following are ways that you can intelligently handle your criminal case after being bailed out.

Find A Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is important if you are fight anything whether it be a DWI or assault charges. You want the charges to be dropped as you do not want the conviction going on your record. Having the arrest expunged is also wise if you have been charged with something eligible to be expunged. Diversion programs are available in some locations for those that have been charged with a crime for the first time. Repeat offenders are not likely to be offered one of these programs especially if they have completed one in the past. 

Figure Out What to Tell Your Employer (If Anything At All)

Telling an employer about an arrest can be a gamble. You might want to keep an arrest quiet for a number of reasons and you are innocent until proven guilty. Reading company policies about this can be important as your employer won’t do a background check for a loyal employee that has worked there for years. This is a personal choice but with remote jobs, you should likely keep the arrest quiet as you might not even live in the same country as your employer. 

Start Cleaning Social Media Accounts

The prosecutor might take a close look at your social media accounts. Painting a picture of a defendant is their job and some make it easy to paint a negative picture due to what they post on social media. Certain individuals might want to deactivate their accounts until the case is over. This is done commonly among those involved in criminal or personal injury cases. Nothing that you post on social media is worth dealing with more trouble in terms of your criminal case. 

Reevaluate The Choices You Have Been Making

The arrest could have been on account of hanging out with the wrong people. There are people that trouble follows for them and whoever is unlucky enough to be caughtwith them. Substance abuse plays a huge role in so many arrests as people battling addiction go to extreme means to find a way to fund their addiction. There are plenty of groups online and in-person to attend that help people find coping mechanisms against substance abuse. Far too many people use substances to cope rather than facing issues that could trigger using. 

Handling your arrest intelligently can be so important when it comes to future employment opportunities. Do not simply plead guilty as there could be legal recourse to help handle your case for a more favorable outcome.