Article Rich Moments What Does It Cost To Fish In Jackson Hole, WY?

What Does It Cost To Fish In Jackson Hole, WY?

fishing in Jackson Hole, WY

Fishing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is one of the most rewarding experiences an outdoorsman can enjoy. The Snake River is home to several fish that all are chomping at the hook to attack your bait! While there are a slew of different areas where you can land fish from shore, shallow waters to wade in for fly fishing, and many boating sites that allow for float and fish trips, there is no reason you have to break the bank to cross this amazing experience off your bucket list. The Hatchet Resort has the scoop on all the best fishing experiences that will save you money as you create memories to last the rest of your life!


What to Bring


Yourself! Many fishing services have the equipment you can rent inexpensively, so don’t worry about paying extra fees for storing your fishing gear on the airplane or in the rental car. If you want to rent a boat for a day, several expedition sites allow for it – no reason to haul your boat with your truck. You’d spend more on fuel than you would just to rent one. If you want to experience an all-day trip on the river, perhaps you’ll want to bring a small cooler with some food and drink to maximize the time you have your gear rented.


Who Can Fish?


Everyone can fish! There are more challenging rapids for seasoned vets looking to land the big one while fly fishing. There are slow, hardly moving bends where the youngest fishermen can cast from shore. We don’t recommend trying to take anybody younger than 8 or 9 years of age on an expedition that won’t hold their attention for long, so perhaps a boat is best as the experience will capture the enthusiasm of a young mind.


Fishing Guides


There are reasonably priced fishing guides that will give you the best experience possible. They know all the tips and tricks of the Snake River, and many have the gear you can use, and it’s never a bad idea to get some insight on local nightlife, eateries, and other activities from a year-round resident. Here at the Hatchet, we recommend Grand Fishing Adventures if you want the best of the best in fly fishing in Jackson Hole. You can give them a call at 307-413-3762 or check out


After your long day of fishing, you can relax in the most beautiful resort. The Hatchet Resort’s lodging leaves nothing to be desired and gives you the raw experience you’d expect from a vintage establishment serving travelers for decades. Complete with two in-house restaurants located close to a dozen other outdoor activities; you can find something fun for the entire family – no matter the age! Contact us at 307-543-2413 or complete the online form to start booking your affordable Jackson Hole fishing adventure today!