Article Rich Finance What Are the Attributes of a Top Real Estate Agent?

What Are the Attributes of a Top Real Estate Agent?

The large number of real estate agents is a reflection of a dynamic property market, and they will all tell you that their service is second to none, as you would expect. Yet not all real estate agents offer the best service, and it can seem like a real challenge to the homeowner who is looking for an agent to list their property, to make contact with a real estate agent that delivers. With that in mind, here are a few of the attributes to look for when looking at real estate agents.

  • Performance Based – As nice as it is to see a professional website and a team introduction, it is performance that really matters. Any high performer would present their figures, which speak for themselves, with information on the number of current listings, number of units sold or rented this year, the average number of days a property is on the market until sold or rented. You should also take a look at the average sale price, as this gives you an idea of where their expertise lies, if you are selling a premier piece of real estate, then you want an agent that lists hi-end properties.
  • Transparent Pricing – Fixed fees are obviously the way to go, and a good real estate agent would be up front regarding costs, which gives the client peace of mind, knowing there are no nasty surprises.
  • Prompt & Professional Response – From the very first online enquiry, you should receive a timely and professional response, from experienced and friendly staff who will keep you informed at all times. If you are looking at Kallangur real estate, you would expect someone to make some recommendations, and for property owners who want a quick sale, there would be home staging services.
  • Award Winners – There are many national and local awards in the real estate sector, and choosing an award-winning agent usually leads to a very satisfactory outcome, indeed, for many Australian homeowners, this would be a clincher. Award-winning real estate agents must be doing something right, after all, and if you want the best representation for your property, who better than a recognised performer? If you are looking to invest in real estate around the world, here are a few of the best cities to acquire property for investment.
  • Professional Property Presentation – When selling any asset, it should be presented in the best possible light, and with a professional property photographer and content writer, your home will be shown as it should be seen. Prior to actually doing the photoshoot, the agent should inspect the property, looking for small things that would improve the images. Home styling advice should be freely available and if you want to stage the property, they would have a connection with the right people.
  • Advice and Support – A good agent would have a first-time buyer’s guide, plus a blog page that covers every aspect of the industry, with valuable resources for buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants. Here is some Australian government information on housing and property, which is worth reading.

If you search online for local real estate agents, this will bring up a list of websites and you can begin your quest to find the best agent, looking for all of the above.