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Top Quality Stone Used in Home Décor

If you are looking to transform your kitchen, or would like a bathroom like a billionaire’s, natural stone will be at the forefront off your mind, and there are quite a lot of choices. In order to help you narrow your selection down, here is a list of the best quality natural stone for domestic interiors.

  • Granite – One of the hardest stones known to man, granite comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, with London, Almond and Buffalo Granite all being very popular. Light grey with orange veins is very appealing, while Black Diamond is dark and mysterious. Being a crystalline rock, Granite has 20-60% quartz by volume, which makes it a very hard-wearing igneous rock.
  • Marble – The very essence of luxury, Marble is the choice of royalty, and for very good reason, as this exquisite stone comes in shades of green to alabaster. Marble is perfect for that bold, contemporary look and if you visit the Stone & Tile Studio, you can view stunning Marble at affordable prices. Marble is a metamorphic rock that is very hard-wearing, making it suitable for all domestic uses.
  • Travertine – The Colosseum was made from Travertine, which also looks great in a modern setting, and with a range of light greys through to yellows and browns, you are sure to find something just right. A form of Limestone, this unique stone is formed in or around hot natural springs and can be very patterned, with mainly lighter shades.
  • Bluestone – A volcanic stone, Bluestone is very dense and therefore hard-wearing, making it ideal for terraces and pool areas, with colours ranging from almost black, to blue and green. Bluestone is also ideal for exterior use, with shades of greenish blue that contrast nicely with garden colours. Here is an informative article on choosing the best colours for a small bathroom, which might help you select the ideal shade.
  • Limestone – A sedimentary stone, Limestone comes in many shades, from pearl to light grey and everything in between, and is very popular for a pool surround. The make-up of Limestone is granular, with ancient marine fossils often found and some very intricate natural designs.
  • Split-Stone Cladding – Ideal for walls and fireplaces, split-stone cladding comes in many varieties, making it ideal for exterior and interior wall cladding.

If you would like to view and inspect top quality natural stone to use in your home, search online for a natural stone specialist and pay them a visit and take a look at the stunning pieces that can be cut to your precise dimensions. Of course, fine quality natural stone is the most expensive, but it will last a lifetime and that means great value for money, plus you can enjoy the timeless elegance that only comes with natural stone.

The stone comes in varying sizes, ranging from 600 x 200 right up to 800 x 400, plus a stonemason would be able to cut pieces to your dimensions. If you really do want the very best, all of the above stones are ideal for home improvements.