Article Rich General Top Places Car Collisions are Likely to Occur

Top Places Car Collisions are Likely to Occur

We don’t think much of the dangers of driving in our everyday lives. Although we put on our seatbelts and watch our mirrors routinely, we don’t really consider ourselves getting involved in an accident. 

In fact, most of us don’t even have a plan for what we would do should we get hit by another driver. And, you may not have to, as long as you can remember where you are most likely to be hit. These are some of the places that you should take extra care when navigating.

Your Neighborhood

The most dangerous places where we drive are not actually on the highways or in dimly-lit rural roads. It’s actually in our own backyard, i.e. the neighborhood. 

The majority of accidents occur where we seem to go into an auto-pilot mode. We stop paying close attention because of the simple fact of familiarity. This can cause us to rely on a certain road to be not as busy, or a certain section of the street to be empty of children, or perhaps more dry than wet. 

As you can imagine, the unexpected will catch you off guard. So many people feel naive and gullible after they have had an accident right in their own neighborhood, as this is where they felt safest. 

So don’t do silly things, like buckling up as you’re moving on. Or putting on lipstick while parking your car, or texting as you turn a corner. 

The Big City

In every major city, there is a unique way of driving that surprises most people who aren’t from said city. Whether it’s in London, New York or Tokyo, the driving style you normally employ has to be swapped. You need much more precise steering angles, sharper eyes for pedestrians who pop out of nowhere, and a keen awareness of large vehicles. 

The number one cause of accidents is going too fast. Misjudging the distance between you and the car in front is a common mishap. Likewise, you may have braked too late, causing the car behind into a rear-end collision. So when you do drive in the city, be slow, methodical and acutely aware of your surroundings.

Rural Roads

Just like city streets, rural roads require a unique driving style. You must look at the road itself a little bit more often, as dirt, rocks and possibly ice could be on the surface. As you are also going quicker around bends, you should be wary of your speed and steering angle to avoid understeering off the edge. 

If you speak with one of the popular Salt Lake collision repair services, they’ll note how many learner drivers and tired drivers have actually driven their car into a ditch because they misjudged their speed and angle. Rural roads are particularly challenging at night, as drivers have to rely on just their headlights for visual clearance of what’s ahead.