Article Rich General Tips To Remember All the Physics Theorems During Physics Exam

Tips To Remember All the Physics Theorems During Physics Exam

Theorems and their derivations are one of the most common and scoring questions in the CBSE physics board exam. Either the definition of the theorem along with the numerical is asked in a five mark question or simply there is a direct derivation asked as a three marker. For attempting this type of questions, the student needs to engrave all the physics theorems given in their CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2021-22 in their mind which is quite difficult for some of the students. So here are some tips on how you can remember physics theorems and derivations so as to increase your chances to score more. 

• Theorems and Derivations goes hand in hand

Most of the theorems are proved with the help of derivations and all these theorems and definitions are most likely in your course. After hearing the definition of the given theorem, practise its derivation side by side. By solving the theorem in the form of derivations, your mind will try to approach the questions practically. In order to understand the derivation, you need to know what the theorem is trying to convince along with the other physical factors in the given theorem. 

• Don’t try to cram 

Never try to mug up yourself with lots of derivations and theorems all at once. If you try to do so, you will eventually end up confused between some derivations which might be quite similar to each other. Don’t even try to think you can cram half of the derivation and the remaining can be done by hit and trial method. This is one of the most silly approaches of the students appearing for the physics exam. 

• Organise everything

Write down every theorem statement in a separate notebook and below every statement write down if that theorem holds a derivation and if it is in your course or not. This will end up dividing the theorems in two categories : Theorem with and without derivation. Grab some previous year question papers and see which theorems are more repeatedly asked along previous years. Mark these theorems and give extra focus on them. Now, let’s find out how we can prepare these theorems effectively so that we can remember them during the physics exam.

– Theorem with derivations

When you are starting with a theorem whose derivation is also in the course like for example Gauss theorem, you will first read the statement thoroughly and then understand it by applying examples based on daily life. Copy down the statement one to two times and then write down it all by yourself. 

Divide derivations into small steps and try to understand them slowly along with keeping the statement of the theorem in mind too. Write the derivation as much as you can and after you think you can now attempt that in the exam, close your books and notebooks and write the statement and derivation on your register exactly how you will write in the exam. If you get stuck on a step by any means, try to push your brain to remember. Don’t simply jump on opening your textbook. Give your mind time to understand the situation practically and eventually complete the derivation. Correct yourself by checking with the help of your textbook and write the derivation again by yourself by keeping the textbook closed. This will help to maintain the consistency in practicing more and more and when your exam will be finally there, your mind will run on autopilot for doing that particular derivation. 

-Theorems without derivation 

This category consists of the theoretical and scoring part of one marker questions of the exam. Most of the students are not very keen on learning physics so this part might be quite boring for them. But by following these give tips you might start loving this category.

~ Ask your teacher or coaching tutor to explain these theorems’ derivations for better understanding. Even if those derivations are not in your course, step by step explanation might help you learn these theorems better and remember them for a longer duration. 

~ Write these theorems as much as you can. Write them even if you don’t feel like understanding them because sometimes your focus might get into them and you might be surprised to notice that you could remember that statement during your physics examination. 

~ Mark important keywords of the theorem and when you revise them try to recite those keywords to register them in your mind effectively. Keep your highlighters along with you even if you start revision because sometimes in the stress of tests and studying, you might miss an important and scoring keyword. If you can’t understand which keywords are important, ask your teacher or tutor. 

• Make tricks

Many of you may find this method illogical or quite creative even. But try to remember the theorems by singing them like songs or making little tricks. This will help you to memorize these theorems for a longer time. Remember to be very patient while dealing with the theorems. A little silly mistake will end up you regretting not concentrating while studying. You will have to trust yourself that you can do it. Try to teach yourself and be clear about your motives. You should know why it is important for you to understand these theorems and derivations. Ask yourself what if you get less marks in physics exams and how it will affect your future and your desired career. Write your motive on a sheet of paper and stick it to your study table so that you can remind yourself why you are studying so hard. Keep yourself calm and don’t pile up stress for the end.