Article Rich Small Business These Are The Top Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

These Are The Top Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

Marketing is constantly changing and it requires that you stay up to date and current on what the current trends are. Consumers react differently to certain formats of ads and marketing, and the best practices in terms of effectiveness are always changing.

What worked last year doesn’t always work now. And what didn’t work before might be more effective now. With the internet being the number one source of customer attention, online marketing is where many companies are focusing their effort and budget.

As the new year approaches many companies are preparing for their campaigns. There are some trends to keep an eye on as we start 2020.

Shift Away From Facebook Ads

For a while now everyone’s focus was on Facebooks ads, because they worked. The targeting is great and there is plenty of attention there. But the costs are now getting so out of control that many companies are now being forced to find other options.

It was just a matter of time before this happened. When the cost of a conversion far exceeds your selling price or cost of good sold you cannot advertise there.

There are other options and you just have to test them to see what is right for your business. Many campaigns are pushing Facebook ad budgets into content marketing, which takes us to the next point.

More Content Marketing

Content has always been a great marketing tool, but now there are ways to publish a post and really get some distribution behind it. You can take advantage of the traffic from the largest websites and syndicate your content as recommended content on those sites. You pay per click, but the traffic potential is endless.

It doesn’t matter if you are marketing suitcases, energy drinks, CBD melatonin or a sound system — content is king. This allows you to control the entire brand message and write content to help you achieve specific conversion goals.

Email Marketing Advancements

Email marketing has always been good, but you can no longer just send emails to your entire list. It requires much more customization and personalization now to see results.

You have to learn to segment your list, track each persons behavior when they view your emails and adjust accordingly. By sending messages tailored for each segment you improve the results.

More User Generated Content Campaigns

If a company like National Pool Fences wanted to run a campaign what would produce better results? A photo taken by them with boring sales ad copy or a picture taken by a previous customer showing their family enjoying their new pool?

The content created by the previous customer will outperform the other for sure. It is more relatable and consumers like to see real examples, which is why online reviews carry so much weight.

All you have to do is ask your customers to send you images or tag you in social media posts they make featuring your product.

You can also offer incentive, like a special offer, to anyone that posts on social media and tags you. This makes it easy to find all the user generated content you need.