Article Rich Small Business THE 5 PEOPLE EVERY OFFICE HAS


The workplace can bring an array of vastly different personalities together. But they can often fall into five simple categories.  

Bibium love coffee. I mean, really love coffee with their production of high-quality coffee and coffee machines. As well as being Fairtrade, all of Bibium’s coffees are rated Specialty Grade or higher by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (the SCAA), making them among the best-tasting coffees in the world. Now, that’s something you can’t roast, and just have to boast about.  

Today, they’re giving us the lowdown on the five types of people you’ll find in every office:

1. The Best Buddy – it’s as if you’re on a TV show. Every office space has one, and no one should ever go without, for your best friend at work – the one you share laughs with and pull pranks on – is sometimes what makes going to work so worth it.  

2. The Coffee Addict – bringing in their own personal supply of coffee (that is, after they’ve demolished the office-supplied instant coffee) this is the person who is as organised as it can get. They prioritise their emails as! – only ever sign off with, ‘Best,’ and the first letter of their name as they’ve got a million and one things to do. Coffee is their crutch and they’re not ashamed, for they know all the secrets to what makes a solid brew and the best kit you need for it.  

3. “What did you do over the weekend?” – Quiet, Brenda from Sales. We don’t want to know about the trinket you got in the market in Devon on your weekend break with your husband. All we want to do is get this sales report wrapped-up and sent to the Bob from Management. Go to Mark from Accounting if you want to chat, ok.  

4. The Lunch Stealer – you know exactly who took your sandwich. You so clearly labeled it with your name, yet, come 1pm, it’s gone. Vanished. Complete with a cartoony silhouette of the dust cloud. They always have the last tea bag, yet everyone is way too polite to bring it up. Oh well.  

5. Post-It Paula – their desk is practically a catalogue for Paper chase. Their hobby is sending our Microsoft Outlook calendar invites and announcing on Slack that they’re going for lunch. Deny that invite though and they’ll do to you what the guys in Office Space did to the Xerox machine. Yikes.  


Founded in 2012 by Wyatt and Grace, Bibium’s mission is to democratise the coffee industry and supply both coffee and top rate commercial coffee machines to professional and domestic clients alike.

With a focus on supplying offices and hospitality companies all over the UK, Bibium know that when it comes to a good cup of coffee, you should never compromise on taste or quality. Their honest business practice prioritises Fairtrade with beans that are sourced ethically, roasted locally, and priced fairly. When possible, the coffee they source is also organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.