Article Rich Health Relationship Games And Relish App To Spice Up your Relationships

Relationship Games And Relish App To Spice Up your Relationships

Relationship Games And Relish App To Spice Up your Relationships

If you are looking for an icebreaker for your new relationship or refreshment for your long-lasting and established relationship here are some fun games and apps that you can try with your partner: 


It is a great game for a fun evening with your partner. Even if you have already lost your childish flexibility, it is still a great activity for couples. Just remember one rule: to not take it too seriously. It is a perfect game to laugh and have fun together. 


If you want to learn a little bit more about your partner, this board game is a perfect choice. Life simulates a person’s journey through different stages of his or her life, from college to retirement. Your characters will advance and grow through the game, which will allow you to discuss your real future and your plans as a couple. 


If you decided to stay home on a rainy day and you have a couple of hours, you should try out Monopoly. Since it is a very competitive game, it allows you to see players at their worst. So, by playing it with your partner, you can see how he or she may react in different stressful situations. Monopoly is also a great option because you will have to spend a lot of time together by learning more about each other. 

Two Truths and a Lie 

In this game, one person tells two real things and one lie about themselves, and the other person should guess what is true and what is not. It is a perfect activity for new couples who are just starting to learn about each other. However, couples with an established relationship also like this game because your partner can always surprise you, even after many years together. 


You do not need a big group of people to play this card game. It can be easily played with only two people, which makes it a perfect game to open up to each other. With the help of Poker, you can find out whether your partner is a good liar and whether he or she is prone to bluffing. You can also make bets about different things and chores, such as cooking dinner, washing dishes, and even spicier things. 


It is more than just another app or a game – it is a personal trainer for your relationships. The mission of Relish is to help couples to build healthy. happy, and more connected relationships. The app includes customized lesson plans, personality quizzes, and one-to-one coaching that help couples to learn more about each other and create lasting love. 

The above-mentioned games and activities offer couples easy and fun ways to bond with each other. Regardless of the relationship stage that you are in, it is worth trying these activities out to see the differences and spice your relationships up. So, next time when you have to stay home on a rainy day, you have an idea on how to entertain yourselves and spend quality time together.