Article Rich General Quest for Healthy Diet to drive the Oat Fiber Market

Quest for Healthy Diet to drive the Oat Fiber Market

According to PersistenceMarketResearch, the global oat fiber market is slated to make greater strides between 2020 and 2030.

Fiber is an inevitable part of healthy diet. The one related to oat comes from oat hulls. It is devoid of carbs, fat, and protein. Those hunting for keto diet would find oat fiber as the best course of action. Health benefits are driving the demand for oat fiber in animal feed vertical as well as food and beverage vertical.

With people vying for gluten-free products, there is an increasing demand for the oat fibers in bakery industry as well. Also, as oat fiber enhances texture along with reducing the bakery products’ breakage, this demand is bound to witness an exponentiation. Plus, modulation of water is enabled.

The health supplements also ask for oat fibers. As such, nutraceuticals industry is also expected to witness an escalation regarding oat fibers. The factors mentioned above ought to bolster the oat fiber market going forward.

Oat fibers could be organic or natural. The end-uses include food and beverages, bakery and confectioneries, functional food, seafood and meat, cereal-based products, fruits and vegetable syrups, nutritional beverages, functional beverages, pet food, and nutraceuticals. By packaging, it’s bottles, pouches, and bags. By distribution, oat fiber finds its presence in supermarkets/hypermarkets, direct stores, indirect stores, specialty stores, and online retailers.

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North America rules the roost due to sizable population going for oat fiber-oriented meals. Europe stands second on this count. The Asia-Pacific is the region to glance through in the forecast period. This could be credited to the millennials going for oat meals. They constitute more than 40% of the total population in countries like India. This factor is bound to put the Asia-Pacific at the topmost position between 2020 and 2030. LATAM and MEA are also likely to come out of the “unexplored territory” zone.

The key market participants include Swedish Oat Fiber AB, Grain Millers, Inc., SunOpta Ingredients, Inc., Tata and Lyle Plc, CFF GmbH, Garuda International, Inc., and Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc., Herbakraft, Inc., Milanaise, Kellogg’s, Quaker Oats Company, Honeyville Grain, NuNaturals, Anthony’s Goods, and J. Rettenmaier & Sohne GmbH. On the developments’ front, General Mills bakeries & Foodservice’s oat fiber processing facility was acquired by SunOpta Ingredients, Inc. with the objective of expanding the oat fiber processing facility.

Also, Belgium-based International Fiber Europe N.V. was acquired by CFF GmbH to expand the reach worldwide. Naturex Group bought Swedish Oat Fiber AB to extend support to existing as well as upcoming projects of the latter.