Article Rich Gathering,Press Release Gathering of Teams! HTX Boosts Liquid Restaking Rewards with an Additional $20,000, Empowering Team Play

Gathering of Teams! HTX Boosts Liquid Restaking Rewards with an Additional $20,000, Empowering Team Play


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HTX Liquid Restaking now boasts a $100 million staking quota after the launch of the last reward boost on March 25. The exchange’s super event has emerged as a top choice for users seeking rewards from on-chain ecosystems and attracted wide enthusiastic participation.

In response to the wild engagement, the Liquid Restaking event launched the new feature of team participation, a catalyst fostering teamwork, competition, and the chance to seize greater rewards, and empowering users to leverage their influence. Engaging is as simple as creating your own team or joining an existing one.

According to HTX’s official announcement, the exchange has decided to further boost the event’s reward pool by adding $20,000 worth of $HTX specifically for team leaders. (Stay tuned for more incentives for teams and team leaders.) Currently, each team can have a maximum of 300 members.

As for the event details, it is reported that snapshots of the event leaderboard will be taken from March 25, 2024, at 09:00 (UTC) to April 24, 2024, at 16:00 (UTC). Rewards worth $20,000 in $HTX will be distributed within 7 working days after April 24, 2024, at 16:00 (UTC). Moreover, the rewards will be given to the leaders of top-ranked teams that hold the top 3 positions for the most days within 30 days by April 24, 2024. The rankings are based on the leaderboard’s snapshots taken daily at random time during the event period. Specifically, teams will be ranked based on the team participating amount (the total assets of all members enabled for Liquid Restaking for the designated cryptocurrencies). The leaderboard can be viewed on the event page.

Join now! Here’s how you can create/join a team:

How to create a team: Visit the Liquid Restaking event page > Click on Boost > Create Team > Set up the team profile > Share the invitation poster or link with friends; How to join a team: Scan the QR code on the invitation poster / click the invitation link > Visit the Liquid Restaking event page > Confirm / Enter the team invitation code > Join the team.

The HTX Liquid Restaking event boasts features such as high value, free claims, and greater flexibility. Highlights of the event update include:

● Futures accounts are also eligible for participation. You can share corresponding crypto rewards after the platform captures a snapshot of your assets in your Spot account and net equity in your Futures account.

● Boosters. You have the chance to receive up to a 150% boost on your rewards through the following means:

1) Join or create a team.

2) Daily trading fees, including net fees generated from spot, margin, and futures trading. The higher the daily trading fees, the greater your rewards get boosted.

3) $HTX holdings (in Spot and Earn accounts).

Users can register for Liquid Restaking with their spot and futures account balances snapshotted to earn rewards, including early airdrops of popular projects such as EigenLayer and Merlin Chain, as well as cryptocurrencies such as ETH, USDT, HTX, and TRX.

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