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Practicing “Real” Self Love

When people think of self-love, they most often conjure images of relaxing in a bathtub, sipping a drink at the beach, or taking the day off to snuggle under the covers.

This isn’t wrong, exactly – self-love does involve valuing rest and recovery in a world obsessed with efficiency and maximizing the value of everything.

But sometimes, that isn’t self-love anymore – that’s just constantly giving in and letting yourself off the hook.

So what does real self-love look like, how can you practice it, and how will your life change if you do?

How Do You Show Love?

We all love our children more than any of us can ever explain. But just because we love them to bits, it doesn’t mean we let them watch TV, play games all day, and only eat mac-n-cheese and chicken nuggets because we know it will make them happy.

At least, we do our very best not to.

We remind our children to brush their teeth and take regular showers, nag them to eat their vegetables, and make them go to school and finish their homework on time. We don’t always win, but, as parents, we do our best to win at least most of the time.

And we do this because we love them and want only the best for them. We can see everything they can be if they set their young minds to it and do what we can to help them onto the path to their dreams. 

So the question that arises now is why do our standards change when it comes to loving ourselves? Why aren’t we as firm with ourselves as we are with our children? 

What Self-Love Really Looks Like

Sometimes, self-love does look like treating yourself to a day at the spa. 

But on other days, self-care may actually mean dragging yourself to the gym. Sometimes, it calls for staying up late to meet your deadline or to make progress on your side hustle.

Self-love, ultimately, is wanting only the best for yourself because you know your value and that you are worth it. 

It is believing in your potential and actively taking steps towards it. It’s knowing you are unique and incredible and can contribute so much to the world and that humanity is less bright if you don’t go out and shine.

Self-love is what fuels every awakened goddess, every woman who is working to make an impact. Self-love is holding yourself to your highest possible standard and making yourself proud of your own journey. 

Therefore, self-love involves taking utmost care of the only vessel you have to make it all happen with: your body.

It is eating well and taking steps such as committing to the keto diet or any diet you feel best fits your body and your lifestyle. It is taking the time to exercise, always learning and growing, building relationships, and getting proper sleep.

Choose Your Adventure

At this point, you might be thinking real self-love is so hard! But the truth is, going through life will always be “hard” and require effort, whatever you decide to do.

It’s hard to go to the gym, but it’s similarly hard to be sick and unhealthy.

It’s hard to manage your finances, but it’s also hard to be broke.

Studying and learning new skills is hard, but it’s also hard to constantly be limited by the same constraints.

Life doesn’t let us pick whether we want things to be challenging or not, but it does allow us to decide which challenges to take on. As the proverb goes, “Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.” 

Thankfully, we can also choose our perspective: is self-love “hard,” or is it an adventure? Is it an uphill struggle, or is it only a lesson as part of our school of life curriculum?

The Time And Place For Rest

In life, balance is essential. There is joy, and there is grief. There is light and dark. There is work, and there is rest. But when and how much?

In general, the quality of your rest will depend on the quality of your work. It’s more than just tiring yourself out so that you can sleep better at night – it’s having that sense of fulfillment and sleeping easy knowing you did your best and made progress today. 

You rest after work or at least after your designated tasks for the day. Even in the Bible, God only rested on the 7th day after He finished Creation.

An excellent tip for rest is to schedule it. It’s easier to work and be productive when you know you can put your feet up on Sunday or if you know you’ll be going offline at 9 pm. Your mind won’t feel frazzled and concerned that it will have to keep hustling forever because it knows the break is coming later.

The trick to this, of course, is honoring both sides of your schedule: work when you should be so that you can rest when you plan to be. 

Even if your schedule gets messed up sometimes by unforeseeable circumstances, having a general timetable can do wonders for your productivity and mental health.

Becoming An Awakened Goddess

Who doesn’t want to awaken to their full potential in all aspects of their life, from their careers to their health to their relationships?

Don’t give yourself a life of regret, of wondering how different things could have been if you just went all in. 

We can all live lives filled with love and joy, peace and health, abundance and enlightenment. But you need to commit to it. You need to love yourself enough to know that you deserve this life and are worth investing time and energy into.

Give yourself the gift of a full life. Know that you are a princess, an awakened goddess, and treat yourself accordingly: take responsibility for your health, connect with your spiritual side, and create a concrete plan for a successful, happy lifestyle.

Practice real self-love because you deserve to achieve your full potential – every single bit of it.