Article Rich Updates Out Of Ideas For Social Media Posts? Mint Global Marketing Has This Advice

Out Of Ideas For Social Media Posts? Mint Global Marketing Has This Advice

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Managing a social media account is not an easy task. While having an attractive picture and description is one way of ensuring good traffic, sharing regular and entertaining posts is a definite plus. You have to think far and wide about how to make your profile more engaging so you can gain more followers. So, this begs the big question; what brilliant ideas can one get for posting on social media?

Mint Global Marketing has profound solutions to this issue. Not everyone can be creative enough with their posts on social media. But with a few good pointers, you can make the most out of it. Here’s the advice on some of the ways you can get back if you are out of ideas.

Adopt a comfortable concept

If you have a mental block on what to update on your social media, simply think of a concept you’re fond of. Do you want to post memes, run brand campaigns or share funny skits? 

Will your page be entertaining, informative, or educative? If you know what type of activities catches your fancy, then go for it. Do exactly what you like to see on social media and be consistent with it. 

Do you stan a famous singer, or are you a movie or anime lover? Pick something you won’t grow tired of posting, and you’ll see how you’ll never run out of ideas. 

You wouldn’t want to adopt a concept you’re not comfortable with just for the sake of gaining likes and follows. If you do that, you will lose interest over time.

Some variation won’t hurt

If you’ve maintained a similar pattern in your previous posts and you cannot think of more addition, there’s no harm in trying something new. Limit the ads and skits you post often. 

Instead, you can run Ask Me Anythings (AMAs), opinion polls, knowledge hubs, and many more. Regardless of how popular you might be, you can still use a different approach. Who knows? You might just get used to adopting varying concepts.

Follow the trend

One interesting hack for getting inspiration for your social media posts is by going along with trending topics. Is there a new box office movie on the internet? 

Do a movie review and use appropriate tags to back it up. Similarly, do a product review of the latest releases of your favorite brand. 

Be creative. You can post short clips on the topic, make memes, or do the cover of any popular music. Trendy topics always lead to unique ideas for social media posts.

Go through other social media platforms

Broaden your field of knowledge by visiting other social media platforms. A sentence, picture, or video can give you inspiration on what to post on your social media accounts. 

Watch clips on YouTube and check out the posts of your favorite niche on other platforms. Something will match your taste and give you an idea of something similar yet unique to post on social media.


Everyone has it in them to be interesting social media personalities. With these tips provided by the experts of Mint Global Marketing, there is a high chance you will increase the number of followers on your social media page just by constantly uploading the right posts.