Article Rich Small Business Now Is the Time to Make the Most of Snapchat CBD Ads

Now Is the Time to Make the Most of Snapchat CBD Ads

CBD advertising and marketing has been reduced for companies that make CBD products. Over the past few years, demand for CBD has grown alongside the increasing market of CBD products. However, because CBD is produced from the cannabis plant, many regions have still not legalized its use and production. 

In recent years, many CBD products contained THC and were advertised on social media platforms, and because of these social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Reddit, Snapchat, etc. banned companies from CBD marketing and advertising. Many companies still advertise their products. However, major search engines remove the advertisement after a few days, putting the company at risk of getting banned from advertising ever again. 

In 2018, the Farm Act was passed by the US government, which legalized hemp-derived CBD products. Recently, some social media platforms allow CBD to be advertised on their platforms, but certain rules have to be followed before uploading the advertisement. These rules make it tricky and challenging for companies to upload their ads online. Recently there have been many Snapchat CBD ads seen online. This gives us a hint that Snapchat has simmered down on the laws allowing producers to advertise CBD products. However, producers still have to follow certain rules before advertising CBD products on Snapchat. 

Below is a small guide on what to do and what to avoid while making your advertisement for Snapchat.

Ways to Prevent the Advertisement from being Disapproved 

  1. On your Snapchat CBD ad, make sure to mention how the product contains no percentage of THC and along with that, mention the beneficial factors of CBD
  2. Make the advertisement appealing and colorful by including animated or lifestyle images
  3. Direct your target market towards adults starting from the age of 18
  4. Employ a CBD marketing agency – it will help to create your ad within the abiding laws
  5. Avoid selling the product directly 
  6. Share brand story through owned content 

What Can Cause Your Advertisement to be Disapproved

  1. Mention of promotional rates, discounts, sales, or any promotional messaging affects your ad from being published as it attracts more people to buy the product
  2. Full fleshed images of people enjoying the product
  3. References made towards the health benefits that CBD provides
  4. Snapchat does not allow companies making any wellness or health claims to promote their CBD ads
  5. Good reviews by customers mentioned in the advertisement
  6. Targeted a state where CBD isn’t legalized, for example, targeted towards the state of New York where CBD is strictly prohibited
  7. Mention of all ingredients in the product

The fast-changing laws and regulations are making it difficult and confusing for consumers to follow certain guidelines as even the tiniest mistake can ruin all the effort put into the advertisement. Before Snapchat is quick on changing its advertisement laws, it is advised that CBD producers start to advertise their CBD products onto Snapchat before it gets too late.