Article Rich General My guide in preserving flowers for the long-run

My guide in preserving flowers for the long-run

In some ways, I’m quite a lucky person. I am regularly treated with flowers and through years of experience, I have been able to devise a way to make them last for much longer than most of my friends.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for a bunch to be preserved for weeks at a time. This is in stark contrast to some of my friends, who are lucky if they can get a few days out of them.

Of course, there is little exact science behind this, but through today I will guide you through some of the steps I take which makes sure my flowers always look as good as new.

I am conscious where I buy them from

OK, I don’t always have a say in this as like I say, I am gifted flowers quite a lot! However, my other half knows, and I know, that some stores are better than others.

Unfortunately, supermarkets tend to have the drabs left over. You might strike lucky with a vibrant, long-lasting bunch one week, but the next and it is a different story.

Specialist florists are the way forward and recently Avas Flowers have been my pick. There is loads of inspiration across the Avas Flowers social media pages and some really good Avas Flowers coupon codes if you look hard enough. There are of course alternatives to Avas Flowers but considering how far and wide they deliver, they get my vote at the moment.

I chop the bottom of the stems off at a 45-degree angle

There is method in the madness, I promise. It might feel a bit strange to get the snippers out as soon as your flowers are delivered, but by trimming off an inch or so at a 45 degree angle you will do the lifespan of them the world of good.

It means that more water will be sifted through the stems, as they won’t be sat flush on the base of the vase. Ultimately, more water means a healthier flower.

I don’t trash the “plant food”

Ensuring that you water your plants is one thing, but they sometimes need a little extra oomph. This is where the plant food, which tends to accompany flowers, comes into the picture. This contains vital nutrients (some of which are really surprising!) which can allow your flowers lifespan to extend longer than you might imagine. Rather than lasting for days at a time, the nutrients can facilitate an extension of weeks in some cases.

I don’t keep them in direct sun

We’re all taught how flowers need sunlight, right? Well, there is a thing as too much sunlight.

Sure, you don’t want to be placing your gorgeous blooms in a room which is void of light, but the temperature matters. If they are in the immediate rays of the sun, they’ll quickly become dehydrated.

It doesn’t just relate to sunlight either. It might be about a device which is emitting heat and this might even be something as inconspicuous as a fridge.