Article Rich General Meet Bert Sarkkinen, Author of “The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing”

Meet Bert Sarkkinen, Author of “The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing”

With everyone at home more than they’d previously planned over the past year, thoughts have turned to redesigning home spaces. With that in mind, the second edition of Bert Sarkkinen’s book “The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing” releases early 2021. This international top ranked e-book is full of stunning photos and help for those who might want to make hybrid timber framing a part of the face of home base.

The book gives us a look at the seven different styles of hybrid timber framing, with a focus on what makes you happy. There are tips on how you can incorporate your personality in your home design, a look at how a small change can make a great impact, how to avoid issues and how to calculate costs.

Sarkkinen is not only the author of the book, but the founder of Arrow Timber who learned his craft from his father. In the book, which will be available in paperback and e-book, with an accompanying workbook called “The Timber Framing Planning Guide,” we also learn about Sarkkinen’s history, philosophy and get lots of “Bert-isms,” which will help you along the way.

Sarkkinen explains how to choose a design for your home, saying, “It is important to think beyond timber framing and focus on what really makes people happy. This is a life experience. It goes beyond architectural design and strikes a chord within all of us. People want to enjoy the process. That’s why teamwork, transparency and creative solutions are the driving forces in my philosophy.”

His thoughts on design come from his lifetime of building. Sarkkinen is the son of a carpenter. He says, “I remember pounding nails as early as two-years-old. At the age of sixteen, I began my building apprenticeship in earnest. At 24-years-old, I, together with my wife Kristine, founded Arrow Construction, as a high-end framing subcontractor.”

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In terms of how he started with hybrid timber framing specifically, he says, “In 2002, a client asked me whether I could do a bit of timber framing for him, in addition to the conventional framing I was currently doing. So, I went to the local library to investigate, found an age-ld building craft in revival…and fell in love! This resulted in an intense period of study, learning and sacrifice. Although there have been bumps and bruises along the way, it has been a fun, rewarding journey, which has deepened my love for the craft.”

Sarkkinen’s whole philosophy centers around making your home a unique place that reflects your personality. In fact, there is even a personality quiz in the book to help you decide which style to go with. He explains, “Deep down, I think the culture of mass- produced, one-size-fits-all merchandise is a happiness-drain for far too many people. It is better to have a targeted life with purpose, than to acquire a lot of mediocre things for the sake of having them. Too much waste, clutter, and frustration, I say. It is much better to emphasize and display our values with purposeful choices.”

Sarkkinen has a great way to explain how much of a difference hybrid timber framing can make in the look of your house, and why it’s important to choose the right person for the job. He says, “As attractive wheels can make or complete the look for a nice truck or sports car, hybrid timber framing can make the look for homes and structures. Hybrid timber framing done wrong, however, can magnify imbalances and make a project feel cheap, tawdry, and awkward.“

“The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing” will not only give you the tools you need to start the process, but it will help you find the inspiration to make this unique to you. The book is on Amazon. You can also find out more on the Arrow Timber Framing website