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Meet Author Virginia Fox

With the release of the first volume of her new Rocky Mountain series of books, we thought it was time to meet author, Virginia Fox. Born in Zurich in 1978, Virginia found her dual passions of horses and books at the tender age of four. Starting by reading numerous books and writing in short story and essay styles, she’s been writing ever since. She’s become one of the most successful romance novel authors in the German-speaking world. Her books regularly land at the top of the Amazon bestseller lists and are now poised to do the same in the US and for other English language readers.

In 2014, she started writing and publishing the Rocky Mountain Romances series of books and soon published book one. Now? With nearly forty titles in the series, they’re being translated and brought to English readers worldwide, starting with the first one: Rocky Mountain Yoga.  We’re introduced to Jasmine ‘Jaz’ and her poodle Rambo. The big city girl runs for her life, her standard poodle in tow, after discovering her boyfriend is involved in some shady business. She escapes to her grandma’s house in Independence. There, Jasmine discovers her vegetarian diet and yoga-loving lifestyle don’t quite fit. Meanwhile, the nosy, but rather hunky, sheriff keeps poking his nose into her past, and Jaz begins to feel at home in ways she never could have imagined.
Where’d this all come from? Once upon a time, Virginia spent some time in a real Colorado mountain town while visiting the United States. She was so touched by the people she met and the setting, it all inspired her to dream up the fictional town of Independence Junction and its many intriguing inhabitants. When originally published in German, every title in the series made it to the top of the Amazon charts. Now? The titles in the series are being made available in English for the first time. So, what can we anxious readers expect?

While answering a fan on Facebook recently, Virginia said: “My aim in being a writer is to entertain and bring my readers to a small, quaint Colorado town. So I thank you, and be prepared for more books in the future.” That’s certainly music to our ears, as well as to those who enjoy her unique brand of story: equal parts cozy romance, mystery, and of course? A good heaping mound of humor!

The series also features many four-legged, furry companions throughout, most just as memorable and key to the story as their human counterparts! That’s not surprising, as Virginia lives with her husband, daughter, four horses, and two moody tomcats on a farm near Zurich, where she can often be found hiking through the nearby woods, tending to her horses, or cooking up some terrific recipes!

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