Article Rich General Male Memoirs You Need to Check Out at The BookFest April 2, 2022

Male Memoirs You Need to Check Out at The BookFest April 2, 2022

The 5th biannual Spring BookFest 2022, held on April 2nd and 3rd is just days away. The BookFest follows the following programing, day one is devoted to readers, and day two is for writers. One panel that everyone should know about is the panel on male memoirs, titled: “Decoding His Story — Men Who Write Memoirs.”

Memoir writing requires vulnerability; we live in a culture that doesn’t work to develop those qualities in males. As said by Sue William Silverman, a prominent memoir writer:  “The surge in contemporary memoir writing is women-driven.” But as the world changes, we see both men and women using a memoir as a vehicle for transformation.  We have a list of male memoirs guaranteed to broaden your horizons and make you see the world a little differently.

A Wild Adventure with Chester L. Richards

Chester L. Richards, the author of his memoir titled ” From the Potato to Star Trek Scientist: Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist.” This book talks about his adventures of being a retired aerospace engineer, inventor (19 patents), and life events. After narrowly escaping serious injury from the Great Potato on a lark, he co-authored a spec script for “Star Trek” with friend Judy Burns when they were college students. The story “The Tholian Web,” became one of the series’ most popular episodes.

His message is to fill life with adventures. If you would like more information, we will have this book at The BookFest Spring 2022, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Paulino Mamiir Chol has a Riveting Story to Hear

Paulino Mamiir Chol has quite the story he wrote in his book “Leading the Lost Boys.” Which is a sad and expressive account of his life from when he was kidnapped and separated from his immediate family in the Twic area of South Sudan. He will go through the seventeen years he spent in Ethiopian and Kenyan refugee camps to the time he reached Denver, Colorado, in the United States of America. You can learn more about his thought-provoking story at The BookFest Spring 2022.

JD Mass Speaks His Truth in Race for What?

JD Mass’s Book “Race For What?” follows JD Mass PYSD, who grew up within a black community; throughout his life, he was able to witness and experience racism and cultural differences.  He sparked an inner desire to understand why we created such a world. Through his book, you’ll go through Mass’s experiences, where he always had an entrepreneurial spirit. One of those experiences played a pivotal role in structuring Nelly’s early business ventures, including Apple Bottoms Jeans and Derrty Entertainment. Through his book, Mass shares his ideas for seven steps to healing. To learn these steps and find out more information on this great read, you can join us at The BookFest Spring 2022.

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