Article Rich Small Business Inbound Vs Outbound Call Centres: What you Need to Know

Inbound Vs Outbound Call Centres: What you Need to Know

Since the turn of the century, the number of small businesses has increased exponentially, as more and more people take the plunge and set up their own enterprise, and this has spawned a thriving sector, namely the call centre. Digital technology has empowered the modern consumer, with so many digital communication platforms, and whether you are trying to generate leads or provide 24/7 phone support, the on-shore call centre has you covered.

Here is a brief description on inbound and outbound call centre services that could transform your business.

Inbound Calls

There are numerous reasons you might require the services of an inbound call centre, which include the following:

  • Customer Support – If you offer your clients a round-the-clock phone support line, you must be sure that you have this covered, and the best way to do that is outsource your customer support to an inbound Australian call centre, who has the resources to ensure that all calls are answered within 5 seconds. The qualified receptionists are fully briefed on the client’s business, so you can rest assured that your customers will receive a prompt and professional response, plus you can integrate your on-call technicians, enabling the receptionist to initiate the support by informing the relevant team of the call-out.
  • Advertising Response – If you are about to run an advertising campaign on national TV, you need to be certain that you can handle a high volume of call enquiries, which is what you get when you enlist the services of an inbound call centre, which is manned 24/7 and they have the resources to handle any number of enquiries.

Outbound Calls

Outbound services include:

  • Telemarketing – Many businesses rely on their telephone marketing teams, and by outsourcing to an Australia-based outbound call centre, you can target specific areas with prime-time professional cold calls that deliver the best leads. Using an on-shore call centre means the people are native Australians, not people of Southeast Asian origin, which is often the case with off-shore call centres, and homeowners much prefer to engage with a fellow countryperson.
  • Customer Surveys – The best way to really find out how your customers feel about your service is to ask using a well-put together customer survey questionnaire, given over the phone by industry professionals. The data is recorded professionally, enabling you to discover customer opinion and make any necessary adjustments to your service.
  • Appointment Scheduling – You may already have a lot of good leads that need to be appointed, and with a team of industry experts at the on-shore call centre, you can be sure that appointments are made to your specific instructions.

Multiple Communication Platforms

In matters not the platform you use, whether the telephone, Line, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or any other digital platform, the on-shore call centre has you covered. Cutting edge tech allows for seamless integration of all platforms, and if you would like to discuss your needs with an industry professional, a Google search is all it takes to source an on-shore call centre that can assist you in many ways.