Article Rich General How Can You Clear JEE Main Without Any Coaching?

How Can You Clear JEE Main Without Any Coaching?

How to Pass JEE Mains Without Coaching is a common question among engineering students studying for the exam. There is no definitive answer because each student’s approach differs. While some candidates believe that enrolling in coaching institutes will ensure 100% success, others believe that with consistent focus and hard work, JEE Main can be passed without the help of coaching classes. Surprisingly, some of the previous years’ JEE Main toppers believe that coaching may not be required to pass an exam like JEE Main.

Many students believe that every year, a large number of students flock to coaching institutes, but only a small percentage pass the exam. 

Other students are left alone in this race.

What is the point of having schools if students have to attend coaching classes after school hours to pass exams?

To assist such JEE Main candidates, there is a list of tips on how to crack JEE Main without coaching.

Begin early

Because you intend to take the JEE Main without coaching, you must begin studying for the exam as soon as possible. That means beginning planning at least two years in advance. While some students begin preparing for JEE Main as early as 9th grade, others pass the exam after only one year of study. You are your own best judge, and you know how much time it will take you to pass JEE Main without coaching.

JEE Main Timetable and Study Plan

 Make your study plan and timetable for JEE Main and stick to it religiously. An effective study plan combined with the appropriate amount of hard work can take you a long way. When you are studying on your own and trying to pass JEE Main without coaching, using this technique will help you stay on track. Aside from that, you will be able to track and assess your progress daily. Please remember to set a realistic goal that you can easily complete in the beginning.

Begin with the NCERT

NCERT books serve as the foundation for the JEE entrance exams, particularly the JEE Main. Many students make the mistake of starting with reference books first, even if their concepts and theoretical knowledge are weak. NCERT books will provide you with a solid understanding of concepts and are thus the best place to begin your preparation. It is also worth noting that NCERT books account for 60-70 per cent of the JEE Main paper. They are, however, insufficient for practical questions.

Knowledge of the JEE Main Syllabus and Exam Pattern

When preparing for JEE Main without coaching, it is critical to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the JEE Main syllabus and exam pattern. Make sure you finish the syllabus at least two months before the exam so you have plenty of time for revision.

JEE Main Mock Tests and Previous Year Question Papers

Taking mock tests and solving previous year’s question papers is essential for improving your performance and cracking JEE Main without coaching. JEE Main previous year questions such as JEE Main Question Paper 2021 and JEE Main mock tests will both provide you with an idea of the types of questions you can expect in the exam. Aside from that, they will assist you in improving your time management skills and boosting your confidence.

Also, while working on the paper, devise a clever strategy. 50 per cent of the questions in the paper are easy to answer, so start there. Never attempt the paper in order, and avoid the questions that you struggled with in your mock papers.

Internet and social media

One of the best ways to prepare for JEE Main without coaching is to use the internet and social media. The internet and social media platforms such as Facebook have emerged as vital means of connecting JEE aspirants. On Facebook, you can find everything from JEE Main preparation pages/groups to JEE Main question banks. Join some of these online groups and forums as part of your preparation strategy. It will not only help you clear your exam doubts, but it will also keep you up to date on the latest JEE Main updates. Following that, you can follow JEE bloggers and experts on Quora, a knowledge-sharing platform, to get authentic answers to your exam-related questions.

Pay Attention in Class

Paying attention in class will help you a lot when preparing for JEE Main without coaching. It will not only create a conducive learning environment but will also increase your attention cycle. This technique may also introduce you to new and easier ways to solve questions that you previously thought were difficult. Also, do not be afraid to seek assistance from your teachers, friends, and classmates. This will only help you improve your preparation.

Have an Inquisitive Mind

When reading a particular theory, you should keep an open mind and ask questions. You should be able to question every concept you read to gain a better understanding of it. Questioning concepts will help you broaden your understanding and, as a result, solve a variety of twisted questions based on the same theory. You will never be able to solve problems if you are simply memorizing concepts.

Manage Your Time Wisely

No matter how hard you work or how many papers you complete, if you do not manage your time effectively, you will never be able to finish and practice on time. You can use time management apps to keep track of how much time you devote to each chapter, revision, and practice. A simple tool such as Google Calendar can be used to assign time or days to chapters/sections. It can be more effective than a printed calendar because it provides reminders for various events.


JEE is without a doubt one of the most difficult entrance exams, necessitating the use of effective preparation strategies. If you have not yet begun preparing for the exam and have had little or no formal coaching for it, you can still pass it by studying at home.

While coaching is beneficial, it is not required to pass the JEE. Taking small steps and employing the proper strategies can make a significant difference. Everything from your study method and reference books to how you solve the paper can help you achieve your IIT dream.