Article Rich Health Great Career Opportunities in the Health & Well-Being Industry

Great Career Opportunities in the Health & Well-Being Industry

If you like working with people and would like a challenging career that has the potential for you to realise your fullest potential, there are many specialist areas in the health sector that have amazing career potential. Here are just a few of the courses that you can take to get you into a booming industry that offers so much in terms of job satisfaction. 

  1. Health Studies – You could enrol in a Bachelor of Nursing Science program, which would equip you with essential healthcare skills that all communities require. The 3-year full-time course involves spending two years working in clinics and hospitals under a doctor’s supervision to acquire skills in general medicine and in emergency rooms. This course is ideal if you would like to move into the world of sports physiotherapy, or perhaps a type of traditional alternative medicine, plus there are part time courses should you wish to carry on working while studying, and if you would like more course information, check out some of the top Australian universities and colleges that offer BA programs in essential health studies. 
  2. Nursing & Midwifery – Taking JCU’s nursing degree equips you to carry out a wide range of essential nursing duties and prepares you for working in an urban hospital or a rural community healthcare centre. Placement in a range of different medical environments gives you a chance to put the theory into practice, and graduates can register as a nurse with the Australian Board of Nursing & Midwifery. 
  3. Dentistry – The Bachelor of Dental Surgery would enable you to work as an oral hygienist while under the supervision of a qualified dentist, plus the 5-year full-time course would enable you to become a qualified dentist. Better yet, take the additional steps that one orthodontist describes on their website to join said dental specialization. An orthodontist has all sorts of training on top of what a regular dentist goes through and is particularly adept at moving teeth. This is one industry that always is in desperate need of professionals, and with a career in dentistry, you will have a very secure future. During the 5-year program, you would gain valuable hands-on experience working with dental specialists at hospitals and clinics and that will empower you to embark on a challenging career in dentistry.
  4. Biomedical Sciences – To enrol in a 3-year Bachelor of Biomedical Studies program opens many doors in the field of medical research and development, and this course will help you to gain a deep understanding of how science and health combine. This degree would give you the foundation for a career in laboratory research, or as a pathway to a higher research position. Search online for suitable BA programs that are located in your area and take the first steps toward a promising career in research and development. 

There are specialist Australian universities that offer all of the above BA programs, plus many more, and if the health industry isn’t for you, why not consider a career in law or business administration? Whatever career you are interested in knowing more about, there are many free online resources that will help you make the right study decisions that will lead to a rewarding career is a subject that you are passionate about.