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Does My Little Retail Store Need Managed IT Services

The retail industry has gone through major changes in recent years. With a global shift to online shopping and conducting any business, including shopping to a more digital-based change, it can be easy to think of it like this; as a small retail store; you can’t afford to compete with bigger outfits and have the type of IT setup required to handle a huge capacity of online sales and orders.

But even if you don’t have an online store for your retail shop, do you still need managed IT services?

Simply put, yes. Even more so as a smaller retail business as unlike the bigger companies, you need to provide a more custom and personalized shopping experience for your customers, and failing to adapt to new technology in this sector can result in a loss of sales and your customers choosing to shop with stores who have a more efficient process.

Choosing managed IT services can help you to reduce the cost associated with keeping up to date with new tech and benefit from the expertise of those in the field.

Why Your Small Retail Store Needs Managed IT Services

Improved security. Data breaches are becoming increasingly common, and if you hold any personal or sensitive data, that can be used for fraudulent activities. Keeping your customer’s data safe can help you give them an enhanced security option and be confident you are keeping all your details secured. As well as the fines associated with a data breach, the loss of trust is something you can’t put a figure on the can, in many cases do more damage than the breach itself.

A Proactive Approach to IT Issues.

As a small business, you cannot lose any time should you encounter issues with your technology. Taking a more proactive approach means enacting the services of a professionally managed service to allow you to reduce the risk of not only security issues but also downtime associated with problems within your infrastructure.

Improved Employee Productivity

Typically, if you have any issues with your infrastructure, who would ask for assistance? And how much time would you lose due to any problems that arise? Managed IT services allow you to remove that responsibility from a member of staff and give you a point of contact to call when things go wrong, allowing you to get back to the job at hand and leave the professionals to rectify any issues.

Predictable Costs

Do you know how much it would cost you to call an emergency contractor to fix your internal systems in the event of a dual or even cyberattack? Fees can run up to the hundreds if not thousands depending on the issues and the urgency.

Having managed IT services is a regular monthly outgoing at a fixed cost and will be your safety net when you need it, meaning no big out of pocket expenses you right not be able to afford, and a proactive approach to reducing the risk of any problems as your systems will be monitored constantly. Problems are sorted potentially before you even realize there is a problem.

While choosing managed IT services may seem like a service your small retail store wouldn’t necessarily need, is it actually something you can’t be without considering the alternative?