Article Rich General Demand for 3D Printing to Drive the Binder jetting Market

Demand for 3D Printing to Drive the Binder jetting Market

Binder Jetting market, as per PersistenceMarketResearch, will witness a CAGR of more than 20% between 2020 and 2030.

Binder jetting technology does make use of a liquid-based binder material and powder building material in unison to execute 3D additive process. Utilization of heat doesn’t come into picture anywhere. The end-users to binder jetting include healthcare and construction. Also, growing adoption 3D printing all across is expected to catalyze the demand for binder jetting in the years to come.

A binder usually comes across as liquid whereas the building material is “powder”. Raw material particulates get fused at every layer by binder droplets. As such, cross-section 2D image gets created from powder-binder granules. “Binder jetting” does make use of a broad spectrum of materials like ceramic, sandstone, and metal.

As far as end-users are concerned, binder jetting encompasses automotive and aerospace and defense (apart from healthcare and construction). The latest trend in this regard is that of the key market participants switching to use of ecological and scalable materials in the bind jetting 3D printers[2].

The only constraint that binder jetting market is likely to encounter is “higher cost”. The start-ups prefer regular 3D printers as they are cheaper. Also, binder jetters are structurally weak as microscopic air pockets get created in parts. These pockets could adversely affect the furniture design. The requirement of extra post-processing is another lacuna. Materials like sand may not need extra processing but the other materials like ceramics and metal many need sintering, curing, and infiltration.

North America and Europe are already at the forefront regarding binder jetting market. However, in the years to come, it would be the Asia-Pacific dominating the market. As of now, it’s China generating maximum revenue herein. MEA and LATAM are also expected to catch up in the near future.

The key players in the binder jetting market include ExOne, 3D Systems, NanoSteel, and Voxeljet.

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