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Cultivate Organic Followers With Social Media

Finding ways to strengthen your social media accounts can be tremendously beneficial to your brand. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to find your next project or a local business trying to expand, being able to reach people is integral to our success. Nowadays, we live in a social media-driven world. You simply cannot maximize your potential without attending to your digital platform. While anyone can set up a series of social media accounts, it takes skill to cultivate an organic following. Today, we are going to direct you toward three simple tips that can go a long way toward establishing your following.

Building Your Brand

Alright, so let’s start by simply pointing you to the biggest social media platforms on the internet. While websites come and go, social media platforms are oddly consistent. Right now, businesses need to be focused on establishing a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook account. If you already have a personal account on these profiles, forget about it. Your brand needs to be completely separate from your personal life. Make sure that each account is named after whatever people will be looking for, whether it is your real name or your business name. With that out of the way, let’s begin building our following!

1) Create Professional Profiles – First and foremost, you need to realize that social media is serious business. While the majority of users only scroll through Instagram or Facebook in order to share content with friends, you are different. Take a look at this Twitter feed, for example. This user has anchored their business website into their profile. They’ve also placed a quippy line in their bio which is backed by a pair of professional photos. Now, do something similar for your profiles. You want a quick, catchy, and professional set of social media accounts.

2) Integrate Hashtags – Organic followings on places like Twitter and Instagram begin and end with your ability to use a hashtag. You could have the most thought-provoking content in the world, but if you aren’t hip to trending hashtags, you are going to be lost in the shuffle. We suggest building a list of hashtags that are relevant to your typical posts. Save this list on your phone and then paste the hashtag list whenever you make a new post. You’ll be able to broaden your outreach a considerable amount via this technique.

3) Interact, Interact, Interact – Unless you are someone like Tom Cruise or Jennifer Lawrence, people want to know that you read their comments. You don’t have to respond to every message that people leave, but you’ll want to interact often enough that your followers feel appreciated. Treat every interaction like an opportunity to make a sale, and you’ll soon realize why these interactions are so important.

Building a social media following is hard. There are so many people online that it can feel impossible to gain significant attention. However, with hard work and great content, our tips can lead you to the organic following that will keep your brand afloat.