Article Rich Health Cookbook by Celebrity Chef David Ruggerio: A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

Cookbook by Celebrity Chef David Ruggerio: A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

After spending over thirty years as a chef, David Ruggerio is celebrated for his culinary skills and writing chops alike. You must have read his three horror novels or come across the cookbooks he published. David became a household name after his PBS series, Little Italy with David Ruggerio, and the Food Network show Ruggerio to Go. It’s with the same passion he creates magic in his kitchen as he does on his writing desk. I guess that’s the key to his success and a true delight for his fans.

Get A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

Speaking of which, you’ll be delighted to know that David’s latest cookbook is out. A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn is a special read for all his fans. Not only does David share recipes for the irresistible Italian dishes he grew up eating, but he takes you on an incredible Italian American experience – exclusive access to backstage (his kitchen). Yes, you’ll get to see his love for creating these dishes and perfecting them in this memoir. This book is illustrated with scrumptious prints of 135 mouth-watering gourmet dishes. Be it appetizers, pasta, salads, soups, or entrees. You’re bound to find a perfect recipe and muse you seek for an impromptu dinner party.

Create Instagram-worthy Dishes & Memories

If you’re someone who needs a little help sprucing up your meat or seafood dishes, you’ll find plenty of easy-to-follow recipes to recreate. And if you’re a beginner with a busy schedule, don’t worry. You can prepare most of the Italian American dishes with ingredients that are available locally. These Brooklyn favorites will be lip-smacking delicious, and Instagram-ready in no time. Try Gnocchi all’Amatriciana on page 115. You’ll love it!

To discover what makes David Ruggerio’s book so unique and wonderful, order your copy of A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn today.