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Common Pests That Might Invade your Home

We Australians certainly know our wildlife, after all, we do have a diverse range of creatures that share this continent with us, and domestic pests are a part of that and could invade your home at any time. If you are new to home ownership, here is a list of household pests that could suddenly decide to move into your property.


Mice and rats have been coexisting among humans for thousands of years, mainly because we provide shelter and a source of food. The kitchen would be the ideal location, and so quiet and careful are they, you might never know you have company, until one day you notice the droppings behind the fridge, or you hear a mouse scurrying along the skirting. Of course, keeping a cat is a good way to deter rats and mice, but failing that, try to keep the house, especially the kitchen, clean and free from food scraps.


They seem to appear from nowhere and are usually on their way to somewhere, which might be your kitchen. There are chalks you can buy that ants will not cross and by drawing lines around your home, you can be successful in deterring ants from setting up home, and if they become too much, simply call in pest control in Brisbane and they will remove the problem.


The tough little insects do present a danger to our health, and we instinctively avoid being close to these disease carriers, which will quickly contaminate food if they come into contact. Found mainly in kitchens and dark, warm places, the best way to deal with a cockroach infestation is to call in a pest control company, who would have the know-how and equipment to neutralise the insects.


You won’t need reminding of the many deadly spiders we have here in Australia, you can’t afford to take any chances if you encounter one at home or the office, and with experienced pest control firms that handle dangerous spiders as a routine, you can be sure they will be removed. The pest control officer knows the habits and behaviours of all the dangerous spiders and can therefore check to see that your home is not occupied by such dangerous insects, which gives you some peace of mind.

Fleas & Ticks

These can really be a problem for humans and animals alike and having fleas in your home is no laughing matter, and the only way to remove them is to call in a pest officer, who would spray an odourless and eco-friendly chemical spray, which removes the insects and prevents the next generation from developing.

It is important to keep a clean home, as this goes a long way towards keeping the living space free from pests, and in the event you do encounter a problem, your local pest control company is only a phone call away, and they will ensure the problem is quickly eradicated.