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CBD for Anxiety and Depression

CBD has been used for many years to help users battle their anxiety and depression symptoms. CBD advertisers and CBD marketing agencies know that people are looking for new ways to manage their symptoms with less side effects, and more time experiencing their daily lives.

We’ve heard from many who see CBD ads and CBD oil advertising and have a lot of questions as to the efficacy of this treatment for their existing symptoms. Will this work with what they’re already taking? What are the side effects? Can I still work, drive, or complete other tasks? Is CBD going to make me sleepy?

This quick list should help separate the myth from the true facts about CBD, especially when used as a treatment for anxiety and depression. 

How do I take CBD?

CBD comes in many forms that are designed to work with you and your regular routines. This product is incredibly versatile, and CBD advertising companies are constantly finding new ways to incorporate this fantastic product into your daily life. From oils and tinctures to edible candies, snacks and mints, there are countless ways to ensure that CBD is delivered safely to your system.

One of the best ways to take CBD is to place it under your tongue.

When do I take CBD?

This depends! Some find CBD to work best in the morning alongside food and coffee, while others might take a higher dosage, but at night, aware that the calming and relaxing effect of CBD can help them sleep. 

How will I know when it’s working?

One of the best parts of CBD is the way that it works within our bodies, to help us gradually return to health. Many don’t notice the effect of CBD until they are suddenly experiencing a good mood, greater motivation, and less pain and tension in their bodies.

Does CBD get me high?

Nope! CBD does not get you high. The psychoactive components of marijuana are found in THC, not CBD. Most CBD substances contain little to no THC, and offer a non-psychoactive experience.

Is CBD legal?

Yes! CBD is legal across the United States and Canada, as well as in many other countries.

Is CBD going to make me sleepy?

It might! CBD helps address the body’s nervous system, supporting the pathways which help us experience the world. For some, this support and relaxation can help them feel sleepy. Test out methods and dosages to find what methods work for you and your body.

How much CBD can I consume?

It depends on your unique body structure and chemistry, though 10mg at a time is generally a recommended starter dose. Chat with your doctor to see if they recommend a higher or lower amount for your symptoms.

What should I look for when purchasing CBD for myself or others?

Look for clean, high quality products which boast rigorous testing, and little to no additives.

Will CBD fix my anxiety and depression symptoms?

Quite possibly! CBD has worked wonders for many who are experiencing depression and anxiety. There is a general shared consensus that CBD helps the body return to it’s intended state of health, and symptoms can fade away gently.