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How I stay hydrated on every flight

Ever get the feeling that you’re getting more and more dehydrated during long-haul or even short distance flights? You’re not alone and it’s for good reason. Sitting on a climate controlled aeroplane cruising at around 30,000ft may sound cushy, but that climate control has humidity that can be as low as 10-15%. That’s 3 times […]

What Is an Ignition Interlock Device and How Will it Affect Me?

Getting an Ignition Interlock Device is basically like getting a breathalyzer installed in your car. You have to breathe into the device to start the car every time, and then it may require you to breathe into it periodically while driving as well. It scans your breath for signs of alcohol in your lungs and […]

The Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

If your home is using an old-school mercury thermostat, then it’s way behind the times. These very basic models usually only offer control in turning the heat or air conditioning on or off and basic temperature adjustment. It might be perfect if you don’t have to change the temperature very often, but in some places, […]

How Aloha Restoration Rose to be a Recognizable Name in the Home Renovation Industry

Aloha Restoration Fires, floods, and strong storms can inflict massive amounts of damage and cause widespread destruction. Those caught in the path of these disasters know how stressful and terrifying it can be. What most people don’t realize is that the fallout of these disasters can last a long time. Fire and water damage can […]

Award Winners: The Many Accolades of “The Engine Woman’s Light”

It’s hard to say what makes an award-winning book, but you know it when you read one. There’s something just indescribable in those pages that makes you think, feel, dream and empathize with the characters. “The Engine Woman’s Light” by author Laurel Anne Hill is one of these books. Her novel is an astonishing triumph […]

What is the SWOT analysis and how can you apply it to your digital marketing?

To be a successful brand or company in today’s modern world of technology and wireless communication, an organisation has to constantly analyse their strengths and weaknesses.  This regular analysis also applies to communication, promotion and marketing and should be a part of a company’s digital marketing strategy. The importance of a SWOT analysis in your […]

5 Possible Health Risks in Your Home That Shouldn’t be Left Unchecked

Protecting your family and keeping them safe is one of your biggest priorities and responsibilities. Most of that duty involves providing for day-to-day physical and emotional well-being, whether that’s with food, basic safety at home and on the road, or being there for your family to support each other when emotionally exhausting and painful things […]

Stream Energy Reviews

Stream Energy Company Reviews: Energy, Wireless, Protective, Home 

What do the reviews of Stream Energy say? Stream Energy is a Texas-based company that sells energy to consumers in nine states and has recently experienced a surge in demand for its products and services. In addition to its core business of providing energy, Stream also uses direct selling tools to sell energy services and […]

social media listening netbase

Netbase Helps You Build A Social Media Listening Hub

Social media listening is the monitoring and evaluation of conversations and social digital platforms for analytical data regarding products, brands and industries. Individuals, companies and even political parties have used social media listening to further their brands against the competition. It allows them to monitor theirs and the competition’s; enabling the formulation of informed and […]

Herbalife Nutrition Continues to Move Forward in 2019

Though Herbalife Nutrition has been in existence since 1980, it is still a major player in the market. The stock increased by 68.7 percent, and that is a significant amount. The whole industry fell by just 0.1 percent. Far from slowing down, the company continues to gain new customers in its major markets, and its […]