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Stay at a Hotel in Pattaya for an Exciting Holiday

The city of Pattaya is only two hours away from the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok. Yet, in booking a hotel in Pattaya, you’re in for an exciting holiday of fun and sun in a resort that feels like it’s far away from the big city.  Pattaya may be a small city, but it has many […]

Parcel Delivery Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

With the current customers who are digitally connected, parcel delivery companies have been forced to rethink their traditional parcel delivery. Customers are looking for greater convenience and options such as the same day or next day delivery when buying and receiving products. Below are several delivery trends that post and parcel companies must watch out […]


The Future of Consignment: How Resell Companies like The RealReal Anticipate Growth

The popularity of consumer resale companies is growing at impressive rates. What’s more is that companies like The RealReal, a luxury consignment store is inspiring larger brand retailers to jump on the resale bandwagon. Consignment is the word on the fashion street, and it’s hot!  Like any disruptive industry, what the future holds for consignment […]


Is Teach to One the Modern Education Solution?

Education reform is a politically loaded term, but regardless, the American education system should seek to continually improve. With the rapid advance of technology, students’ lives are vastly different than they were a decade ago. Innovation, a commitment to teaching to each student’s ability, and a dedication to maximizing resources, could be the key to […]


Gavin Darby Manages Corporate Renewal, Continues to Champion the U.K.’s FDF Policy

As president of the U.K.’s Food and Drink Federation (FDF) since 2017, Gavin Darby represents Britain’s food and drink industry – the country’s largest manufacturing sector, employing over 450,000 workers across 7,000 different businesses. The FDF was built to regulate industry standards and open communication with government, regulators, consumers, and the media – a role […]

Some Benefits Of Ceramic Coating And Paint Protection For Your Car.

We love our cars almost as much as we love our kids and you will see many Australians out there on the weekend in their driveways, washing and polishing their cars to a bright sheen. For most of us, our car is probably the biggest purchase that we have made in this life, unless of […]


How to Start a Private Equity Firm

Starting a private equity firm might not be as easy as it sounds. There is a growing interest to launch private equity firms because of the profit that comes with the business, but before this, one needs to understand precisely how to start a private equity firm. Most people think that they only need to […]

Reasons Why a Drunk Driver May Not Always be at Fault

Everyone knows that driving drunk is a crime. If you’re caught, you face a myriad of consequences. Those sentences increase tenfold when a drunk driver causes an accident, damaging property or causing personal injury. Did you know that a drunk driver isn’t always at fault for an accident, though?  It might sound surprising at first, […]

6 tips to help you save for your wedding

Weddings around the globe is an expensive business, and it can break your bank account if it not planned correctly.  In this post, I will share with you some tips to save on your wedding without sacrificing much of your dream expectations.  Always remember reality different than expectations.  To breakdown the costs of a typical […]

NJ Ayuk Gives US Roadmap to Benefit from African Energy

Africa can benefit the global economy with the help of the U.S. NJ Ayuk, the Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, gives a clear roadmap in his new book, “Billions At Play.” Africa is more than a continent with breathtaking landscapes and tumultuous history. It is a land of opportunity with more than enough […]