Article Rich General Career Guidance for Parents of Teenagers

Career Guidance for Parents of Teenagers

Time seems the fly by, as your child goes from crawling to running, and when they reach their teens, they begin to change, and perhaps for the first time, your son or daughter will begin to contemplate the future. This is a crucial time for any person, and there are many things that we can do as parents, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on how to guide your teenage child towards a rewarding career.

  • Support their interests – If your child seems to have a natural liking for a sport, for example, this should be encouraged, and, of course, the ideal scenario would be for the child to find their true passion in life, and become accomplished enough to make a career of doing what they love. Encourage your child to try new things, playing an instrument, having an hour on the golf driving range, ice skating, swimming, the list is endless, and if he or she suddenly becomes very interested, do what you can to support their development.
  • Academic Education – If you enrol your child in an international school in Bangkok, they will attain excellent grades, and with the British curriculum, critical thinking and problem-solving skills will be developed. There should be no pressure on the child to perform academically, and if the school promotes active learning, then learning will be an enjoyable experience, and with an international education, all the right doors will open for overseas university study.
  • Discipline – Once a child reaches their teenage years, they should be given responsibility, and hopefully, this would develop a level of self-discipline, and this will stand them in very good stead in their adult life. Hard work should have its rewards, of course, and you would guide by motivating your child through difficult tasks. Click here for further reading on modern education, which looks at one on one teaching.
  • Discussing Careers – When your child talks about careers, be enthusiastic and also realistic, and help them to assess the future of any given career path. Show how to list the core subjects one would need for a specific career, and talk about the learning that would have to take place in order to become proficient. If your child has a career counsellor, liaise with them to get even more information, which will help you provide the right guidance. Here are the key stages to the UK National Curriculum, which is a good resource.
  • Aim High – This is important – if you aim high and don’t quite make it, you have gone higher than you would with a lower goal, so it is vital that your child sees the potential they have. Many a world champion started with a dream as a young kid, and the worst thing you could do would be to take a negative stance regarding the future. If your son really would like to be a racing driver, or a pro golfer, encourage their development and while you can remain realistic, always give positive feedback to dreams and aspirations.

If your child chooses wisely, they will have a long and rewarding career doing what they love, and as a parent, we can help by supporting and guiding our child.