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Career Choices: 5 Emerging Industries to Consider

If you are soon to be ending your formal education, your thoughts will no doubt be focused on your career choices, of which there are many, and when you have discounted industries that are on their way out, you will have a shortlist of career options.

Here are a few of the emerging industries to think about.

  1. Robotics – This has to be one of the fastest growing sectors, and if you are mechanically-minded and are also proficient with electronics, this could be the career for you. Almost every factory in the UK is using fully automated robotic systems, and you could get into the design or manufacture, or maybe be more involved with management and maintenance. You can expect a challenging and rewarding experience and as you learn and gain more experience, your income increases.
  2. Hi-Tech Logistics – Another boomer, the white glove sector specialises in the collection, delivery, installation, set up and configuration of hi-tech equipment. Examples would include access control systems, vending machines, digital advertising screens, then there’s the financial sector, installing large banks of servers, not to mention the airlines, who all need data storage and logistic systems installed and managed.  A leading UK white glove provider is Tecdis who are always looking for young people to join their growing organisation, and this type of work is always in demand and will be for many years to come.
  3. Mobile App Developer – As your probably know, app development is everywhere, all companies are looking to create a unique digital platform that allows them to send content to their clients’ digital screens. If you have no experience writing code, you would have to spend 2-3 years learning the basics, then you could become either a front or back end developer, and this is big ticket work, so your earnings would be considerable once you are qualified and experienced. You could end up running your own team, and with fast-changing technology, you will need to keep your finger on the pulse.
  4. Artificial Intelligence – AI is the future and if you gifted with IT talent, this is the sector for you – an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what will be a huge industry in just a few years. Google would be an idea employer, although you would need a background in code writing, so spend a couple of years mastering that, then you can approach a tech giant for work relating to AI.
  5. Blockchain Developer – Blockchain will one day rule the world and any young person with the aptitude to learn blockchain programming is in for an exciting and very rewarding career. Bitcoin, for example, runs on a blockchain platform, and soon, all governments, corporations, companies and organisations will store their critical data on a blockchain.

Of course, there are many other career opportunities, and do set the bar high and always follow your interests, and with a lot of hard work and great rewards, your career will be the stepping stone to your retirement and you can enjoy your golden years in financial security.