Article Rich General A Guide to Sourcing the Best In-Car Audio System

A Guide to Sourcing the Best In-Car Audio System

If you have just acquired your dream car and would like to install a state-of-the-art sound system, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will outline the major components and take a look at custom building an in-car audio system, to give you great value for money.

The Home Unit

Also known as the power unit, or the player, this is the central core component that is both the receiver and the amplifier, and with superb examples like the amazing JBL GTO hi-end car speakers, you can really achieve a high level of bass and clarity. Modern units come with the following:

  • DVD Function that connects to LED screens.
  • AM/FM Radio receiver.
  • DVD/CD player.
  • USB port

The unit would have an onboard amplifier, which is fine for the average person, but if you want extra power, you need to install a power amplifier and run the system through this. Pioneer make a great selection of auto players that enable Internet connections and Bluetooth technology, while Kenwood are another major player in the hi-end car audio sector.

Power Amplifiers

If you want the volume without the distortion, a nice 4-track JBL 1000W amplifier is really all you need and there are many models with slightly different specs, some less powerful at 400-600W. Of course, you don’t have to wind up the volume to get great sound, as the power gives you the clarity at even low volume, but if you do want something to make your lungs vibrate, check out the online in-car audio supplier, who has something for everyone. Here is a guide to chartering a yacht, should you ever wish to have a unique floating holiday.

Coaxial Speakers

If you acquired a set of 4 6-inch coaxial speakers from JBL, for example, coupled with a decent power amp and a hi-end player, you have got a better than average system for low and mid-volume listening, plus you can mix it with the big boys if you so desire. The ideal positions for the speakers are the two front doors and the rear shelf behind the rear bench, with a slightly raised platform that tilts the speaker to the front.

Online Solutions

When looking to buy hi-end car audio equipment, look no further than the online supplier, as they would have the top names at unbeatable prices. You might want to search online for a few of the in-car audio forums, where you can ask the experts about power amp and coaxial speaker combos, plus they can help with installation advice. As for installation, if you have no experienced, you should leave it to the experts, besides, you don’t want to fry a $600 dollar amp!! Here is a website that outlines your rights as an online consumer, which makes for an interesting read.

DVD Options

Some die-hard enthusiasts shy away from DVD, but if you would like to offer your passengers the ultimate in DVD viewing, there are power units and separate LCD screens that can be inset into the rear of the front seats, as with economy class when you fly long-haul.