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A Guide to Buying a Used Fishing Boat

If you are an avid fisherman and you are looking to acquire your own boat, there is much to consider, and depending on the type of fishing you prefer, the design of the boat would vary. As you would expect, there are many second-hand boats on the market, and if you want to be sure that the vessel is in good order and not overpriced, you should buy from a dealership.

Established Business

If a boat dealer has been around for many years and has a good reputation within the boating industry, then you can be sure that any vessel they offer for sale would be in first-class condition. All used boats would be thoroughly overhauled prior to being offered for sale, with the dealer giving their stamp of approval in the form of a warranty.

The Private Sector

There are websites with fishing boats for sale that connect boat buyers with sellers, but it is worth noting that when you buy a used boat from a private individual, you do not have a warranty, and ‘sold as seen’ applies. Of course, you might be lucky and find a real bargain, but when you buy from an approved dealer, you can be sure about the condition of the boat. The boat dealer has a facility with all the equipment and technicians that know what they are doing, and every boat they offer for sale would have their seal of approval.

Best Known Brands

If you look at Axis or Malibu, you will find a wide range of models, so there will be one ideally suited for your kind of fishing, with fibreglass models that come complete with a sturdy trailer. If you would like to view a few examples, an online search will take you to a leading Australian boat dealership, where they would have an impressive catalogue of new and used fishing boats. Northbank boats are made in SA and are a very good choice, as these vessels stand the test of time, and with a full history, your next boat will give you many years of reliability.

Free Online Resources

The more you know about fishing boats, the better, and the Internet is full of free resources about the various types of fishing boats, plus you can read up on outboards, as you will need a power unit. If you browse a few review websites, you can find out what the professionals think about the boat, and this can really help you to make an informed decision.

Boat Maintenance

It is important that your boat is well cared for and the engine serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the boat dealer would be able to service or repair your vessel, should the need arise. Take certain precautions when storing your boat through the winter and it should provide you with many great fishing seasons.

When you are ready to buy your first fishing boat, search online for an established dealership and see what they have on offer.