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7 Reasons Why Flossing Is Important For Your Kids

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While flossing is a frequently overlooked oral hygiene health practice, especially for kids, it’s still crucial to their oral health. It prevents tooth decay and gum disease and can help reduce the risk of additional health issues as they grow. In fact, there are many reasons why flossing is important for children to do at least once per day.

Flossing Helps Combat Bad Breath

The human mouth is naturally full of many harmless bacteria that are beneficial. However, when the bacteria build up between teeth, their acidic byproducts can lead to bad breath. Flossing regularly helps remove leftover debris, food particles, and bacteria, preventing their byproducts from causing foul breath.

Flossing Fights Cavities

Over 500 different species of bacteria can dwell in the human mouth. While they aren’t necessarily harmful and aid in the first steps of digestion, they can cause cavities when left to sit on teeth. By removing the bacteria with floss, you help prevent cavities.

Brushing Alone Only Removes 60 Percent of Dangerous Oral Plaque

Brushing is an essential step in keeping a smile clean and healthy. But alone, it only removes about 60 percent of harmful oral plaque. Flossing or other forms of cleaning directly between the teeth surfaces is the only way to remove the remaining 40 percent.

Flossing Reduces Gum Disease Risk

The same bacteria that can lead to bad breath and cavities can also cause gum disease. First, you may notice a little blood when you or your child flosses their teeth. However, that blood can turn into gum swelling and loose teeth without any other warning signs. You and your child can keep gum disease at bay by removing the plaque with floss.

Flossing Saves Money

Of course, dental floss is another expense, but in the long run, flossing will save you and your child money on dental care. Committed flossing can prevent oral health problems, saving money on expensive and painful dental procedures like fillings, root canals, or extractions.

Flossing Decreases the Risk of Other Serious Health Problems

Not only does gum disease affect the mouth, but it can also impact other health areas. Studies have found links between gum disease and:

  •  Low birth weight
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s disease

You can help your child avoid other medical problems in the future by ensuring they floss regularly and make it a habit in their oral health routine.

Flossing Improves Smile Appearance

Regularly removing the plaque, debris, and bacteria in between the teeth goes a long way in keeping a smile looking polished and sharp. Flossing can keep teeth brighter and whiter, reducing the need for teeth-whitening products or services in the future.

Talk to your child’s dentist today about the best types of floss for your child and how to effectively floss their teeth.

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