Article Rich General 6 tips to help you save for your wedding

6 tips to help you save for your wedding

Weddings around the globe is an expensive business, and it can break your bank account if it not planned correctly. 

In this post, I will share with you some tips to save on your wedding without sacrificing much of your dream expectations. 

Always remember reality different than expectations. 

To breakdown the costs of a typical wedding:

  1. The venue (yes, this one is a money sucker and cost the most)
  2. The bridal dresses 
  3. The catering services 
  4. The wedding photographers 
  5. The wedding DJ 

And dozens small stuff here and there.

Let’s get started

Tip 1: Put a budget and stick to it at all cost 

When it comes to weddings, the coupes usually start saving early on, and in some cases, the family and close relative will help a bit (depend on the culture).

Since the dream list can go on and on, having a budget early on and agreeing on sticking to it will limit most of the options and help you plan your wedding smoothly.

Tip 2: Go for local venues that fit your guest size 

The venue is the biggest money sucker when it comes to weddings, and it can be fancy from the award-winning resorts with all its inclusive packages to across the globe wedding destinations. 

The size of your guest play a significant factor here, and the name of the venue. If it a venue that everyone goes for, the waiting list will be long, and due to the limited spots, the price might go up and up.

Stick to local venues or venues that not popular, you can find those locally.

Tip 3: Dig into your local connections for offers and discounts 

The best way to save is by having the wedding in your local community, where its the place you grow up. This way, you can leverage your connections to get extra discounts and offers. 

Tip 4: Put all your guest in one hotel to get an extra discount 

This can be helpful if you are having a wedding at a remote destination where your guest needs to stay over in that city. By having all your guests in one hotel, you can bargain for a bulk discount for booking so many rooms. 

Tip 5: Save cost on your catering options with in-venue catering services 

Catering can get expensive as it depends on the types of food you serve, some team tends to be costly and can bring the cost up. 

You can bring your linens, silverware and table setting. You can also limit your hors d’ oeuvres for your guest to snack on; those delicious bites give the guest a tendency to eat more than they should. Remember, The more snack you add, the more the cost goes up. 

Tip 6: Pick your local photographer wisely 

Hiring a photographer is an expensive business, and it very customizable with options that can go so up that break your bank. Try to cut down on the packages offered and limit the possibilities. 

You can hire a professional wedding photographer with affordable pricing but remove the videography package as it tends to add more to the cost. Ask a friend to capture your wedding videos and edit them later; the best videos are the natural ones that caught by your guests.

That concludes our post, and we hope you learned something from those six tips. 

And the best tip of the day, go for all-inclusive packages offered by some of the venues, it’s usually discounted and can fit any budget, but its price goes up by the headcount, so the more guests you having, the more expensive its get.


Guest Author Bio: Wedding photography expert Jeffrey Wang has his own wedding photography studio in Sydney Perfect Moment Photography. He helped hundreds of couples to capture their love stories and the raw emotions and spirit behinds the weddings. In his free time, he writes about love stories, venues and photography tips for known wedding blogs around the globe.