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5 Ways Your Business Can Make the Most of Social Distancing

using technology while working from home

Social distancing is necessary, especially in the working world. 

To keep your business working at a pace that’s beneficial to both you and your employees, it’s key to have the technology you need to stay connected while social distancing. Around this, the pandemic has accelerated the need for technology such as 5G, which could contribute $2.1 trillion towards global GDP in the next 15 years

It’s estimated that, overall, it could take at least 5 years for the economy to climb back to 2019 level contributions. Thus, it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of social distancing right now and ways you can adapt. Here are 5 ways to make the most of social distancing within the working world: 

1. Make the Switch to Remote Work 

Remote working has become a necessity during the pandemic, but it’s also a trend that’s likely here to stay. Remote working could save you a lot of money in the long term. Lower rental bills, little to no business overhead, and the perks of employees using their own devices can lead to lower costs. Social distancing could very well introduce a new model to your company for the better. 

2. Invest in a Managed Services Provider 

Partnering with an MSP could be a great way to achieve success in this current quarter, which could be harder than ever thanks to the pandemic. Making use of managed IT services will assure your data is kept safe while also remaining accessible to your whole team through the cloud, a great remote solution.

MSPs offer network assessments, protection, and many forms of integration you may require to keep your employees all on the same page. Whether you need a team management platform or a VPN, a Managed Service Provider can offer remote support even during the pandemic. 

3. Create or Update Your Web Presence 

Your web presence is the main thing you have to market right now. Customers are coming to you on a digital basis, and that means your web presence needs to be stellar. It needs to be approachable, accessible, and informative about how you’re safeguarding yourself, your employees, and your customers during social distancing rules. 

Be sure to write out a detailed and heartwarming response to the COVID-19 crisis. Not to mention that social distancing requires you to take things slowly right now, so there’s a real guarantee that you have the time to either create or update your web presence. 

4. Create or Update Your Social Media 

People have more time than ever to be on social media right now. With people needing to stay connected to those they love, and those they work with, social media is the place people are truly gathering. As a brand advertising on social media, it’s a good idea to either create or update your social media presence. 

With a 50% increase in daily web traffic right now, compared to months before, you’ll certainly have a lot of viewers to hook in. To stay relevant, your social media needs to keep social distancing in mind right now, with ads either mentioning or outright featuring what it is you’re doing to help the fight. 

You’re going to want to focus on the platforms where your click-through conversion rate is the best, and you’re also going to want to place many different kinds of posts to see what people respond to. 

5. Keep in Contact with Customers 

Since social distancing means people may not be able to physically come to your store, the online world is more active than ever, and you need to be a part of the noise. You need previous customers to come back to you, and keeping in touch is the only way to guarantee this.

A good way to stay in touch is to send out not-too-frequent emails regarding what you’re doing to combat COVID-19 and how your services have adapted. Not only does it ensure you’re in their inbox, present in their life, but it could also be a way for you to advertise promotions and any online services you offer.

As you follow these tips to make the most of social distancing, you can keep on top of the trends that are likely to stick around far after COVID-19 has gone. You’ll be able to reach a greater audience through technology and online services than ever before, while also working more efficiently as a team.