Article Rich General 5 Great House-Warming Party Gifts to Delight the Host

5 Great House-Warming Party Gifts to Delight the Host

We all love a house-warming party, to celebrate a friend’s new acquisition of living space, and it is traditional to bring a small gift for the home, something useful to add to their comfort. It can be difficult knowing what to buy, and with that in mind, here are a few ideas.

  1. Bluetooth Speaker – These are extremely handy; you can put in the bathroom when taking a shower, or leave it on the table while having breakfast on the terrace. You can even take it on a picnic and they are quite powerful and have rechargeable batteries that last a few hours. Ideal for entertaining and your friends will be very happy to receive such a useful gift, and with a range of colours, there’s something for everyone.
  2. Aromatherapy – Everyone is into having sweet smelling fragrances at home, and with affordable gifts from the Palm Beach Collection online candle shop, you are spoilt for choice. Moving into a new house means having to get used to that ‘new’ smell, which is why some scented candles or fragrance diffusers make for the ideal house-warming gifts, and the online supplier has it all.
  3. Party Hamper – What with the moving in and everything, the host might not have prepared enough food and drink, which is why any host would welcome a party hamper – open it and everyone can indulge. You can buy gift hampers online and make sure you choose something that will please the host, plus they can re-use the hamper when they go for a picnic.
  4. Rattan Storage Baskets – If you want to be sure that your gift is well-used, a set of rattan storage baskets is the way to go. They look good wherever you leave them and are ideal for clothing, storing towels, kids’ toys, indeed, anything can be hidden away in these attractive hand-woven baskets. They come in a range of colours and are made from natural materials and will be much appreciated by the host couple.
  5. Wine Glasses – You can never have too many wine glasses and a set of 6 would take pride of place on the bar. Search online and you will find cheap sets of wine glasses, or if the host is a whisky drinker, you can choose stylish tumblers or even some brandy balloons for the connoisseur. If you want to guarantee your gift is warmly appreciated, you can’t go wrong with bar accessories, and if you know the host very well, you can select a gift they will really appreciate.

Going to a house-warming is a fun time and with a gift that comes in handy, your host will be over the moon and you can all celebrate this new chapter in their lives. If none of the above fits the bill, search with Google and you’ll find many innovative house-warming gift ideas and your friends will be very happy.