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4 Most Common Car Accident Related Injuries

A lot of people have huge fears surrounding flying in airplanes. However, the reality is that a much more considerable amount of people are injured vehicle accidents than they are in planes. If you’ve ever experienced a car accident before, then you know just how powerful the impact can be.  

Beyond being incredibly frightening and mentally damaging, it’s also very likely that you’ll sustain physical injuries. Here are some of the most common car accident-related injuries that people experience. 

Broken Bones 

If your car accent is considerably forceful, it is not uncommon to experience bone fractures or even breakage. Usually, the pain that associates a broken bone is overwhelming. Therefore, chances are that you’ll know that it’s happened to you

The most telltale sign is that you won’t be able to move it at all. Visiting a doctor will ensure that you get the proper diagnosis. An ignored broken bone could lead to serious issues down the road. 

Head Injuries  

Many people hit their heads upon the impact of another vehicle. The injuries that they sustain can range from mild to very serious, depending on the position they were in at the time of the accident. 

If you hit your head hard enough, it can be life-threatening. For this reason, it’s incredibly important that you should see a doctor following your injury. 

Even a tiny bump could mean something much more serious than you think. You could have a concussion or worse, a traumatic brain injury. Since your brain is the control center of your entire body, it’s critical that it’s in working order. 

Spine Injuries  

Spine injuries usually occur after car accidents that are on the more serious end.  Usually, you won’t see people experiencing a spinal injury from a minor fender bender. 

The problem with spine injuries is that they are not always obvious to the injured person. It may take days or even weeks to notice that you’ve got a problem.  A screening will help you determine if your spine has been damaged. 


One of the most common injuries that people sustain after getting into an accident is whiplash.  When the body is going at a fast speed and hits an object unexpectedly, it causes the neck to bend back in an awkward position. Even a slight fender bender can result in whiplash that you may not initially notice. 

However, after a certain amount of time, victims usually start to experience symptoms like headaches, spasms, and stiffness. Whiplash accidents are very tricky since most of the time you don’t notice them right away. 

However, the pain that they inflict can persist for a considerable amount of time.   Because a lot of these injuries are not always obvious at first, you should always visit a doctor immediately following an accident. Failing to claim your injuries until a later time could result in not being eligible to receive coverage for your medical bills.