Article Rich Small Business 3 Tips For Moving Business Locations

3 Tips For Moving Business Locations

For many business owners, one of the biggest challenges they’ll face is needing to find a new location and move their business. This type of move requires a lot of forethought, preparation, and planning in order for it to go off smoothly.

To help you with this, here are three tips for moving your business to a new location. 

Choose What Moves With You

Whether you’re moving to a location that’s bigger or smaller than your current location, there’s a good chance that you’re not going to want to take everything with you when you actually make your move. However, deciding what moves with you can sometimes be difficult. 

According to Mark Henricks, a contributor to, many businesses might find that it’s easier to simply sell their equipment rather than having to move it all with them. And since you’ll likely have a lot of other items to move, it might be beneficial to lighten up where you can. But for the items that you are moving, make sure you either figure out a safe way to move your items by finding a trailer that you use yourself or getting a moving company to help you. 

Let Everybody Know

Before you make your move, there are certain people and organizations that you’ll need to inform in order for the move to go off seamlessly.

To ensure that you’ll have your customers or clients follow you to your new location, you’ll need to advertise your move well ahead of time. And from an administrative standpoint, Jean Murray, a contributor to The Balance Small Business, shares that you’ll likely need to amend any legal documents that contain your business information as well as notifying your registered agent and any other vendors or contractors that you work with. By getting all this information shared with the relevant people prior to making your move, you can ensure that nothing will slip through the cracks when you move from your current location to your new one. 

Create A Moving Timeline

For executing your actual move, it’s vital that you plan everything done to the last detail so that everything gets taken care of and goes the way you need it to.

When creating this moving plan, Annie Pilon, a contributor to Small Business Trends, advises that you devise a timeline and schedule that you and your employees will follow leading up to your move. On this timeline, you should include things like when you need to move out, when you can move in, what you should move first, and more. 

If your business is going to be moving to a new location, consider using the tips mentioned above to ensure that you have all your bases covered during this process.