Article Rich General 3 Things To Know Before Getting Air Conditioning Installed In Your Home

3 Things To Know Before Getting Air Conditioning Installed In Your Home

3 Things To Know Before Getting Air Conditioning Installed In Your Home

If your current home doesn’t have air conditioning and this is something that you’ve been wanting to have put into your home, there are a few things that you should think about or understand before you make this decision. And while having air conditioning can increase the value of your home and make your life a lot more comfortable while you’re living there, it’s still good to know what you could be getting yourself into before you jump into this change.

So to help you decide if this is going to be the right home improvement project for you, here are three things to know before getting air conditioning installed in your home.

Understand Your Duct Situation

In order for your home to have air conditioning installed, you’re going to have to have a duct system that the air can enter your house through.

If you already have ducts in place, John. D. Wagner, a contributor to This Old House, states that you can expect an air conditioning system to cost around $4,000 and take up to three days to complete. On the other hand, if your home doesn’t have a duct system that you can piggy-back off of for your new air conditioning system, you could be looking at about double this price and twice the amount of time to get the project completed. With this information, you can better prepare your schedule and your budget for this home upgrade.

Get A Load Calculation First

Once you know if you’re going to need to have duct work done or not, you can start to get a sense of what you’ll be spending to have a new air conditioner installed in your home. However, you’ll also need to figure out how big of an air conditioning unit you’ll need to efficiently cool the space you have.

To calculate this, you should have a licensed HVAC technician come to your home and conduct a load calculation. With this, they’ll be able to tell you what size of a unit you’ll need and if you’ll need any additional ductwork to make your unit run as efficiently as possible.

Do The Installation In Winter

While you might be feeling a bigger desire to get an air conditioner installed in your home during the summer, if you’re working on a budget, it’s best to try to have the installation done in the winter. Oftentimes, summer is spent repairing air conditioners, so there will be more competition for workers to come to your home, which will allow them to charge you higher prices in the summer as opposed to the winter.

If you’ve been thinking about bringing air conditioning into your home, consider using the information mentioned above to make the right decision for your family and your finances.