Article Rich Health 3 Great Reasons to Try Incense

3 Great Reasons to Try Incense

However you choose to describe the use of fragrances to trigger or induce a specific response, aromatherapy has been a long-standing medicinal treatment option since the dawning of ancient civilizations. People look to Sacred Kratom scents to stimulate creativity, increase motivation, encourage relations, and so much more, just as their ancestors did before them. There is lots of evidence supporting the use of incense and fragrances for religious, practical, and aesthetic purposes. Here are three of the most common uses of aromatics and incense.

To Unwind and Relax

For many, lighting the incense and taking some “me-time” go hand in hand. Whether you choose to have a fragrance burning while you soak in a hot bath or curl up with a warm blanket and good book, scents like cedarwood, sandalwood, and frankincense are all known to promote calm and relaxation.

To Dissolve Stress

Getting rid of the stress and anxiety in your life is more than just allowing your body’s heart rate and breathing to slow down. It a process that signals the mind to stop racing and jumping from one thing to another. Incense involving fragrances of rosemary and lavender can help your mind achieve this state of peace.

To Encourage Mediation

For many, dissolving the anxiety and stress of life can be done through mediation. However, this moment of mindfulness doesn’t always need to come on the heels of a stressful day. Meditation is a practice that is used to draw focus, uplift one’s spirit, and heighten the senses. In ancient cultures, the burning of incense sticks not only provided the aromatics needed to deepen attention but to measure the passing of time spent in meditation.

Even if you aren’t a fan of candles, consider the benefits of burning incense. It is a completely different aroma and ritual, one that you may find calming and relaxing after a day of insanity at the office.